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Friday, 5 July 2013

Ardent's Contract: My Novel.

Pretty cool title eh? No? Well I like it.
I've talked a lot about writing on here, and how much I write and blah blah, but I never got into what I write specifically. Not wanting to come off like that 15 year old kid you know who is "Writing a novel" I figure I may as well go into details.

Ardent's Contract takes place in a fantasy setting of my own invention, it was inspired by novels such as Mistborn and the Wheel of Time series, which originally got me into fantasy. As such, I've also added a magic system which governs the world. One important aspect of my magic system is that it is used more for than just combat, which a lot of magic systems seem guilty of.

So here is the premise as per the query I originally wrote, it needs improvement but I'm working on it:

Emilyn Dahz is a head strong yet underachieving man who lives in a utopia he despises. The metropolis of Vurosis, a seemingly perfect place where all man’s needs are met but nobody contributes. Humans are granted supernatural abilities by using the power of the Contract, their magic granted by a mysterious entity. Not content, Emilyn lashes out against the system he feels imprisons all the others, but his cries for change are always ignored.

Suddenly, the young man’s life changes when his twin brother disappears amidst an attack on the city. Unlike Emilyn, Izhan embraces his society, even willing to fight to protect it. With what starts out as simple, soon turns dangerous as authorities search for someone responsible for the attack. Emilyn quickly discovers the price of paradise, and that the Contract does not always favour all. 

So yeah, Contracts are kind of important.  My plan is to break the story up into three smaller volumes, the first will be novella size. Why am I doing this? Well for one thing, the first volume is small and almost completely edited by Emily...and I'm kind of really broke. Also I feel like I can generate more interest in my story by only releasing the first volume and charging very little for it. 
Think about it, many mainstream readers are intimidated  by Fantasy novels because they're practically door stoppers.  Too big to digest for many people, so they don't even bother. 
In other countries like Japan they break larger novels int parts to fit their ideal of "Light novels". Take the first Mistborn book, only 137 000 words, small by most Fantasy book standards. 
Mine is almost 300,000 words, more than double that... 
What are the odds that your standard reader on the Kindle marketplace would be willing to pay money for that large of a book that they are unsure of? from an author they've never heard of. 
I'd rather charge a dollar for the first chunk of my book, hopefully attract readers, rather than make bigger a profit right away. 

Besides, if I make money, I can finally justify what I do as a real living... But I'll still probably need a part time job at least... Here goes nothing.

MORE TO COME ABOUT MY STORY, specifics to come eventually. Also I will be posting the prologue and other chunks of my writing in order to attract readers. As I am working to advertise myself else where.


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