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Friday, 5 July 2013

Craigslist Joe

While editing I always put on something that I feel will not distract me too much but I will still enjoy.
For example, Community, TOO FUCKING DISTRACTING.
Anyway, I started watching a documentary called Craigslist Joe. It has been pretty wonderful so far, it is on Canadian Netflix.

The premise is that this dude survives without money or possessions, depending on people's kindness. These people he meets are on Craigslist... it is interesting. He talks about how we all live in a bubble because of technology, and he wanted to see if he could survive off of it.

I recomend (my spell check isn't working all of a second... no I refuse to go back to pre chrome days of posting everything I would post on Microsoft Word first so that people wouldn't belittle my argument solely based off of spelling) doing that, watching something out of your comfort zone. It's awesome.



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