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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Date with a brother and a new chapter!

Okay, So last night we went to a barbecue with Leo and his girlfriend Dana. Twas fun... there was a obstacle was thunder storming. I wiped out and rolled down a hill before trying to get in the inflatable bouncy thingy...then there was a wall I had to climb with a rope and sad excuses for footholds... Of course I get to the top and fall into a pool of water... but was still fun.
Also I was pretty damn drunk. I was telling a 17 year old boy and his 16 year old girlfriend that prostate poking is the cure for god, what bullshit. Also, they were going out for only 4 months and were pretty cute together... which I'm sure most people would scoff at, but Charlotte and I started going out when I was 17 and she was like 5 days away from being 16, so yeah, I find it cute.
Thank god I don't get hangovers.
Now Charlotte and I are watching Master chef, a wonderful reality TV show. Not to be mistaken for Master Chief, which involves stealing physically adept children from their homes at night and replacing them with shitty clones that won't last very them to be super soldiers and eventually...

Anyway. It is a wonderful time, we love this show. So Charlotte is not going to soccer tonight, so instead I will be watching Money in the Bank with my brother. A WWE pay per view... Should be an excellent time, I have a feeling I will blog on the spot about it. My brother is an interesting person, he is like a slightly older version of me who is more outspoken and slightly douchier... When my sister would bring home dates, we would usually pick him apart...ah good times.

Most importantly of all! Is the bestest monthly manga series had a new chapter released today! It is called Renai Shimasen Ka? or Shall we love? a horrible Engrish title so that is what I shall refer to it...FOREVER. I mean I could take artistic liberties and do something like Break Blade ---> Broken Blade.
Shall we Love? ---> Shall we fall in Love? or Should we fall in Love? either works. but I like Engrish.
Anyway, I've sampled art from the manga before:
This the heroine, she is chunky and wonderfully well drawn.
I love the art. As a monthly series, it really shows the quality. Very few series are like One Piece or Nisekoi and have FANTASTIC art in a weekly series.
When I eventually do that blog on Allure, I have a feeling that this series will be HEAVILY referenced. This is because I adore the heroine, her personality as well as how she is designed is amazing. Seriously, look at her... how many artists, American or Japanese will justify a busty female by adding a little weight to her. Look at those thighs of hers, they're gigantic! Also, note her shoulder, ALSO GIGANTIC. Jesus, it's like most male artists don't understand that few women are given gigantic boobs unless they have the shoulders and hips to support them... mother nature doesn't hate you that much.
She forgot to mention the flabby legs <3
My one concern with this series is the fact that they're going with the Lesbian story line... You know, the classic, oh god, there is a lesbian who is trying to get with the main heroine...despite the fact that she clearly loves the cock. The lesbians I do know, aren't the type to go after straight girls in an attempt to turn them. Not usually at least.
However I understand the purpose of this type of story line. You see children, there are two types of love triangles. We have the kind that is legitimate, both competing parties stand an equal chance of winning the affection of their target. These usually serve as more entertaining stories and are more better quality as a result. You know, because even love stories should have a stake, even if it is just the right to date a single person.
However, there is the second type of love triangle.. Let us call it the Bella? No, that isn't fair.
It is a love triangle that ONLY exists to make one party look better. This is incredibly common in Manga, literature, movies and everything. Look at any romantic comedy. You have the female heroine whom the male is trying to get with... Like that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted's ex's husband made a movie about him stealing Stella back...

You had the Mosby who was the obvious bad love interest who was there ONLY to lose because he was a douche. A competing love interest who only exists to bring out the best in the main character, or FORCE him to act.
So Shall We Love? uses this type of love triangle twice! the second one at least. First to great effect to force the Female Heroine to pursue the dude...yes it is one of those and it is awesome.
Anyways, the new Arc introduces this proud creature:
Why a Lesbian? Why is she going after the main heroine? Well up to this point the dude has been hesitant in his feelings. So by bringing in a third person to pursue the heroine, it will force him to realize his feelings and go after him so that she doesn't scissor raped.
I'm joking.
The truth is, this girl could have been a dude. Yet How many times when we see a dude that is going after the heroine that we AUTOMATICALLY hate him... just out of principal. He could be upstanding and a much better match for the heroine... yet like rabid dogs we hate him.
Classic SchMosby
I think the author has the intention of making this girl likable and a legit threat so he made her a woman, we male readers are more hesitant to hate on a girl. So far, this series has had a wonderful supporting cast, I hope once he's done with the main pairing the author focuses on them rather than just ending the whole series.
Anyways, interested to see where this goes!
Yes she calls him master, read the manga.
Toodles for now!

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