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Monday, 15 July 2013

Dayum. (how to train your dragon)

If you have not seen the trailer for how to train your dragon 2...GO WATCH IT NOW.
Best trailer I've seen in a long time. Seriously, no voice over, no gimmick, just pure awesome... best of all, Hiccup now wears armour while he flies! how cool is that?
Speaking of Hiccup...

Source is Starstealer96 on Deviant Art.
Seriously, look at how handsome he has become! He is a hot piece of CGI ass now.
I will have to do another article on MALE allure and how to write/draw it. Once again, a skill many dudes do not have. Why? Well because there is allure that is meant to appeal to females, and the kind that is supposed to appeal to us boys and our power man fantasies... a good writer can capture both.

Anyways, time to work out and then Edit. I'm almost done and I am excited!
Also, apparently writing over 200,000 words in less than two months is inhuman.
I am a freak of nature.

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