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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dreams are terrifying.

No I'm not talking about "I dream of being a wriiiiiiiiter" That shit is for the rest of the blog, no I talking about literal dreams you have when you sleep.
Mine are weird, but whose aren't?
Anyway, I tend to flail like a madman in my sleep, Charlotte hates it. What I LOVE is the fact that for the month of July Charlotte is working 7am to 2:45pm... so I'm up at 6am every weekday! no, I'm being serious I LOVE IT. When I was depressed I would go to bed at 9 and wake up at noon, it was pretty sad. No I'm forced to wake up early everyday, I can actually get shit done. Keep in mind, I worked in a grocery store bakery for six years, I was used to 7am shifts so my body is adjusting quicklyish... except when I wake up, get an email from my one follower who is all: "YO I CAN'T READ THE WHOLE BLOG" so I freak the fuck out trying to figure out how to get it to work.
Anyway, the time Charlotte is at work I spend my time editing volume 3 of my story, I want that shit ready for the 18th so I can give it to Andrew...ANYWAY.

I made this post to talk about my dream I had, I tend to get a little side tracked. When you first wake up, you remember lots of details of your dreams, they get forgotten overtime. Sometimes they're good dreams, you feel sad that they're not real, or sometimes they suck balls and you wake up and you're relieved they're not real, it is a good feeling. Lately I've had a reoccurring dream that I still work at the grocery store and I was supposed to work that day and I missed my shift... oh shift work, how I don't miss it. I realize this has to do with my insecurities about not having a job, but when I wake up and realize I don't have a shift to get to, at a shitty job... I unno, I feel happy. I might be the worst kind of freeloader.

More specifically, I had a new dream today. I was at a hockey game watching the LA Kings play some team I don't remember. Doesn't make sense I know, I live in Edmonton so I would be stuck going to Oilers games and shit. It also didn't make sense because the Kings got scored on like 5 times in eight seconds, including when the other team just sat outside his net and knocking the puck back in...And the "goals" kept counting on the scoreboard.It was utter horseshit, mostly because Jonathon Quick would never let that many in.
This leads to another fear of mine, did I really have this dream? or is it just how I'm remembering it? I think memories are similiar to dreams, they're something you think you know, think you understand, but often they have no logical basis and you remember things differently.
Anyway, there were two girls sitting next to me, a younger one next to me and to my right, a older girl to her right who I think was her sister. Anyway, the younger bitch had a giant ass coke, the kind you get at the movie theater for 5.43, like highway robbery. Something happens in the dream, I think by this point the hockey game shifted to Pro Wrestling, because hey this shit don't make sense, and I knocked the bitch's drink over and it went everywhere. I remember her not being upset but I insisted I would buy her a new one. Meanwhile two guys I went to highschool with were suddenly to the girl's right and making fun of me... So I ran the fuck away, saying I was going to go buy her a new drink.
At that point I ran the fuck out of there. why? because even in that dream, I knew I couldn't afford to buy her a large fucking theater pop with ice. How sad is that? Even in a dream, things become all too real and I find myself running away.
At least I had pants on the whole time.

Anyways, back to editing. Toodles.

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