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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fight Predictions

MiddleweightAnderson Silva (c)vsChris Weidman[a]
FeatherweightFrankie Edgarvs.Charles Oliveira
MiddleweightTim Kennedyvs.Roger Gracie
MiddleweightMark Muñozvs.Tim Boetsch
FeatherweightCub Swansonvs.Dennis Siver

My god, what a lovely card we have here. I will be watching the prelims which are going on as we speak but I will only really comment on the main card in terms of predictions. 

Okay, So Siver vs. Swanson. I love Siver, I love what he`s always done, the way he fights, everything. as a featherweight, he looks fucking gigantic and terrifying, he is always entertaining. However, he is up against Swanson who I believe should be up for a rematch with Llamos after this fight. he is a fantastic fighter who has more than proven his worth, time and time again. Well balanced, I think he can win this fight where it will no doubt go: The ground. Yes, I think Siver is strong at this weight, but he still can`t match Swanson on the ground. 
Swanson by decision. Fight of the Night.

I`m glad Munoz conquered his depression, I love his style. until he met with an untimely Wiedman elbow, he was looking to get a title shot...and Wiedman made him look like he didn`t belong in that fight. That being said, Boetsch has a lot of heart...I mean, that is pretty much all he got... I`ve never been a fan, I think he`s pretty good, but he is NOT top five, even in the weak middleweight division. That being said, watching him SMASH Okami was beautiful, very exciting. I don`t see Boetsch matching Munoz at anything, wrestling nor striking... hell, maybe we`ll see him pull guard and shock us all. 
Munoz, TKO first round. 

Tim Kennedy...errr...RUNS TO WIKIPEDIA... ah yes, a strike force fighter. Although I try to watch Belator and  Invicta, I never got into Strikeforce. However, from what I`ve been told on MMA boards, he is legit. Keep in mind, I am no expert, so if you`re only JUST disappointed in me, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN READING?
So  yeah, I'm not at liberty to call this one. 

FRANKIE FRANKIE FRANKIE...why does everyone hate you? All I'm told is that you're a point fighter? HOW DO PEOPLE THINK THAT? he is so fricken exciting to watch! the only issue before was that he was a midget fighting in the Lightweight division, of course his weak punches bounced off people's faces. THE MAN WAS CHAMPION BUT HE STILL WAS ALWAYS AN UNDERDOG... my god I love his trilogy? with Grey trilogy I mean the second and third fights, the first fight was a typical Maynard fight...boring as shit. Okay, so he's fighting Olivera... a kid who used to be an up and comer... I remember when Miller beat him, god that was awesome. I'm not really a fan of the kid, I think he's good, but he isn't top five anything. Frankie on the other hand, is excellent, he has just had to fight Benson Henderson and Jose Aldo (A fight I believe he didn't deserve to get right away) which were all exciting fights even though he lost. so yeah, I think Edgar deserves this fight...why? BECAUSE HE SHOULD GET TO WIN AT SOME POINT... however, Olivera shouldn't be too much of a difficulty for him, that being said... maybe Frankie isn't good at winning, or he'll get caught in a submission, we'll see wont we?
Frankie by his patented decision victory. 

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