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Monday, 8 July 2013

Finding Nemo

Now they're watching Finding Nemo, Faith came along to help.
I am yyping w

Edit: hmm, What I wanted to say was that I was typing with one hand at an attempt to be cute. if this brings about my greatest number of hits I'll be pissed. ANYWAY.

Faith the eleven year old talks about how she hates Finding Nemo, but I tell her to suck it up for the little three year old girls. Plus, I get a little dramatic when I find out she hates Finding Nemo, why? Because I hate that fucking movie because of her.
When she was a toddler, her and her mom lived with us for a while. Being a preteen myself and having nothing better to do, I had to look after her...almost every day. What did young little Faith always want to do? WATCH FUCKING FINDING NEMO. I hate repeated viewings of anything, always have... then you took 13-14 year old me at the height of my hormones and  forced me to watch that movie almost every day...urgh.

So yeah, I hate that movie because Faith always watched it. I am delighted to know she hates it too. She would wince and cringe when ever anything happened in the movie...

I also had fun telling her that Nemo's dad can change gender.


Oh, I'm watching Hitman now...why? because I love Timothy Olyphant and he can make ANYTHING he's in better.I shit you not, I think it might be a magic power of his... I will eventually commit an entire blog to this.Why tune in? Because I'm going to tell you that the only reason I like Justified is because of him...oh snap.

Yes the girls left, don't worry.

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