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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Foam wars and let's plays.

So yeah, I don't half ass anything.
These happy (and completely safe...teehee) foam weapons are my start to the melee weapons.
We're having a big get together on Friday for the making of foam weapons... I wanted to be ahead of the game.
Your eyes may be drawn to the Tomahawk first. I make thick spines to shape the weapon blades with... I'm not sure if most people do that when they make foam weapons, I didn't look up any tutorials... Either way, it helped because I could give it a stiff blade that keeps its shape even after multiple beatings. haven't tried throwing it yet... but I have weighted it correctly so it should fly. I'm probably going to give it to my friend Logan... It should help me get in his pants.
Next you may notice the two daggers...they're meant for throwing. I put weight in the center so that they were balanced...they work pretty well.
I'm thinking of using playdough to weight weapons... I'm sure the larpers will laugh at me... but I think it is a good idea. it shouldn't hurt to be hit with, even after it hardens... it can be molded into a shape and isn't too heavy, just enough to affect the weighting.
The small Pushing dagger at the bottom is modeled after Major Hugh's dagger from Full Metal Alchemist. That one is meant for show mostly... because I kind of used hard Styrofoam... that may hurt to get stabbed with...or worse yet, break the dagger. Looks cool, that is what is important.

Anyway! Today I've got more editing ahead of me. I've been planning book 2 mostly but I really need to get around to working hard on it. Also I applied at several places so I'll hopefully get a job too. Fuck being overqualified.
Also, Josh and I are doing our let's play again today. Skyrim, He gets to be nice while I'm a dick. Also I've not played much of the game and he's played it to that is our gimmick. I've said it before, Playing the Fools... Youtube that shit.
Thank you folks.

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