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Monday, 22 July 2013

Foam wars.

So Leo is working on the cover a little slower than what was originally expected.
In the meantime!
I'm drawing more sketches of characters. I will be able to use them as advertisements eventually. I am so very excited and nervous. However, I am planning Book 2. that is going very well... I have had wonderful inspiration. The working title will be Shadow's Gaze. Which I have not googled yet so I don't know if it is anything already. What I was originally planning to be Volume 1 of Book 2, has become incredibly dense... so it might warrant its own yeah, TRILOGY IN FOUR PARTS!
There is also the matter of editing Volume 3 (of Book 1) that needs to be done. I have some pretty basic mistakes that I continuously make, I can edit them out before Emily gets her copy.
Also, Charlotte is proof reading volume 1 and still finding a few small mistakes that we missed. mostly just small missuses of certain words. (Scalding hot instead of Scolding hot... very insulting hot stuff)

That brings us to Foam wars...
Charlotte and I will be organizing a massive NERF gun fight in a few weeks. These are the rules:


1. Don’t be an asshole. If you are, one of the referees will give you the ass hat—Which will be bright, sparkly and all together humiliating (fabulous). You will be required to wear the distracting ass hat until you have proven to be not an asshole, or we have run out of ass hats and someone is more of an asshole than you. IF YOU ARE SEEN WITHOUT YOUR ASS HAT, YOU WILL BE DEEMED AUTOMATICALLY DEAD. 
2. Anything foam goes. That being said, there are limits. If you bring a larp sword, that shit better be safe. If it is capable of hurting someone, you cannot use it. 
3. Your choices in weaponry are Nerf guns, Nerf rip off guns, and any melee weapon made out of foam…. See rule two. Foam accessories are also allowed… if you’re willing to make a foam tower shield, then we won’t inhibit your creativity. 
4. To play, you have to earn your admittance. To do so, you must bring a package of extra darts. Preferably the dark blue ELITE darts which work with any nerf gun and can be bought in massive packages of 71 for about $18. That being said, you will be expected to pool all the darts you bring with everyone else. The more you bring, the more likely a good time we shall have. 
5. If you buy a NERF type gun that requires special ammunition, such as arrows, discs or balls…. Then you are on your own…. But you still need to bring a package of spare darts. 
6. No participates under 18. Why? Because I don’t want to be liable for possible injuries. 
7. Also no alcohol. Seriously guys, we don’t want the cops called on us. However, we will likely be going to the bar afterwards. 
8. You will be required to bring a blue and red shirt. We will divide people up into teams when we get there, so we can divide the teams up equally. 
9. Teams will likely be changed after each round, be prepared to change coloured shirt. 
10. The first round will be starting at noon. If you arrive after that, you will have to sit out until the next round starts. 
11. We will be starting with capture the flag. We will be making a red and blue flag for each team. The flags are on wooden dowels that are about 70cm long, the flag will be quite bright and obvious. To move with the flag, you must be holding it with at least one hand. I know this will affect how you shoot, that is the idea. 
12. Don’t hit anyone with the flag. 
13. There will be a few referees. One at the jail, four on patrol. They will be making sure that people respect the rules and aren’t assholes. Any grievances during the game can be taken up with the referees. 
14. No modified NERF guns. Sanctioned products only. Please see rule 2… If it can hurt somebody, you cannot use it. ALSO, if you paint your gun black, it is your own stupidity that will lead to you being gunned down by St. Albert RCMP. 
15. If you are bringing a Vulcan or Longshot NERF gun, please talk to us about it beforehand. They are the best foam dart guns money can buy and if we do end up having them on the field, we may have to make special rules for them. 
16. This is an invite only event. If you have suggestions for friends you want to bring, please suggest them to us and I’ll likely invite them. It is free to play, except for those foam darts… 
17. People who see us playing and want to join in can fuck off, they will likely not respect the rules. 


• One shot to the head is a kill.
• Two shots to the body within 30 seconds is a kill. 
• If you get shot in a limb (arms and legs) you lose use of that limb for 1 minute. 


• No head shots asshole. This will earn you the ass hat. 
• Two shots to the body within 10 seconds is a kill. 
• One shot to the heart is a kill. 
• If you get hit in a limb, you lose use of that limb for 1 minute. 
• If you manage to sneak up behind someone and can touch them on their back with your hand they are instantly dead… and should feel bad. 

When you are dead:

• You go to the jail. 
• The jail will be situated at the center of the staging grounds. 
• You are free after ten minutes of being there, or until a teammate saves you. 
• Goes without saying, but you can’t kill or participate while in jail. 
• Depending on how many people there are and how many darts we get in total will determine how much ammo you start off with. 
• Everyone will start with the same amount. This will account for those people who have 30 shot guns. 
• Any Ammo you find on the ground is fair game to pick up. 
• At the end of each round, we will pick up ammo together and put it into the bin.

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