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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Goals are complete!

Well I'm still broke. but Things are better!

Andrew leaves at 6am tomorrow. And his version of the manuscript is complete. I even called it Andrew's Contract. I have to pay 8 cents a page. It clocked out at 295, 581 and at 746 pages. That would have costed like 60 dolla!  I love Andrew but I don't have much money. So I made it single spaced, and the font size 10. It is now 385 pages. Much better, 30 dolla! Of course Staples tried to upsell me. WHY PRINT IT ON BLACK AND WHITE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE IT ON SUPER JET BLACK ULTRA QUALITY PAPER. They even try to make Black and white look like shit. in the preview, the paper is grey and the lines blurry...with the super ink, the paper is white and the lines HD clear... yeah the super ink treatment would have cost me 111 dollars Canadian... yeah no.
I also finished editing volume one.
Added in a few extra scenes.
Incorporated the art into the whole damn thing.
It looks great.
Cleaned up my basement.

So for the first time in months I feel free! No book to destroy me at the moment so I can relax ... The only thing left to do with Ardent's Contract is to wait for Emily to finish volume 2, edit that....Edit volume 3 one more time, using my mistakes in volume 1 as a reference...have Emily edit it, then final edits....

So yeah, I'm probably going to get to editing volume 3 tomorrow.

For today:
-Work out.
-Go to Canadian government office... Kill myself with Canadian Bureaucracy (I fucking hate that word. Microsoft Word never knows what the fuck I'm talking about...)
 -Take my dear mother to her dentist appointment.
-Pick up manuscript, take to Andrew, cry when he is leaving.
-errr, I don't know. Edits?

-I do need to start planning my second book... Which will be fun. I've been collecting all my notes with the intent of selling them for money on Ebay when I'M SUPER DUPER ULTRA FAMOUS.

Urgh, when Faith saw me writing and the fact that my story was so long... Of course her 11 year old brain immediately goes to: YOU'RE GOING TO GET PUBLISHED AND BE FAMOUS!
I felt sad when I laughed and explained that Fantasy authors don't get famous (Well unless they make an HBO series out of your book and you have a gimmick to  your writing that inspires memes) at best they  become successful.
If I can become published, I will be so happy.

Also job, I need to send out applications.

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