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Friday, 5 July 2013

Googling yourself.

According to spell check via chrome: Googling is not a verb... okay, "to Google yourself"

Okay, so Google yourself. Do it, except, you've already likely done it.
Everyone has... Charlotte and I were sitting with my dad watching TV, the old guy starts giggling at something and I ask him what is so funny. He says he just googled my name, I immediately was flustered, I knew what he saw. My brother had done the same thing a couple years back, at my sister's wedding I believe...

The most famous person with my name according to Google is a kid from Glasgow who brandished a machete and called himself Blade...and he was arrested and convicted.

What is fame? is it how many people follow you on Twitter? Facebook? the amount of people who know your name and you specifically or is it being the top of Google's search list. Think about it.

I live in the shadow of a guy who calls himself blade, urgh...

I've decided I'm going to actually start talking about my book in the next few posts, mkay. It'll be a good contrast to how I go all FIGHT DAY CRAAAAZY tomorrow.
Sound okay?
Thank you sweetie.

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