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Monday, 8 July 2013

How to tell you're improving as an artist.

When Faith came over with her sisters today she brought her sketchbook to show me her progress. She asked if she had gotten better... I asked her why she was skipping her earlier pages from less than a month ago...She explained that those drawings sucked and her newer drawings were much better, in fact she was embarrassed when I looked at them... I laughed and told her that she could tell she was improving just by the fact that she was embarrassed by her old drawings... her talent has grown drastically over the last month, it is quite surprising. I'm glad all the reference pictures I gave her have worked out and I can see it reflecting on her own style, actual Mangaka's and Deviant Art Tutorials.
Little does she know that I am carefully documenting her growth as an artist, When she finishes that sketchbook I will likely help her create a timeline to show her improvement as an artist.
I cannot stress enough how good she is getting, also she uses mechanical pencils now. She hated them at first but has come to see them as much more useful for drawing, she doesn't want to use shitty yellow pencils anymore.

Up next, I will give her art from the following Manga called GOLDEN TIME, it is based on a light novel series and I must say...the art is fucking fabulous. The mangaka is well known for doing the Toradora manga, which has been published over here in North America... I've heard some people argue it is better than the anime... due to this Mangaka, I will likely give it a read. okay time for some examples:

Still meh.
Not bad right? Except this ISN'T what I'll be giving to Faith, because it isn't what I wanted to show her. These drawings were the covers for the light novel done by Ēji Komatsu. Now, different sources are telling me different things, but I'm 40% sure that the artist of the manga is different... Bakaupdates calls him Umechazuke,  while some manga sites say that Komatsu is the author. hell the manga sites call it Golden Days with Umechazuke in brackets so yeah! I won't deny that an artist's drawings look different when drawing something by hand, inking it as opposed to doing work on a tablet for a cover.
Point is, look at the art of the manga:

Page one introduction
Page three...opps. 
Page two, actually. WHATEVER. 
Holy fucking shit, this is how the artist chooses to introduce the heroine! She is beautiful, it isn't just how she is drawn but how she is presented and how other characters react to her... it serves for an incredible introduction a character whose SUPPOSED to impact you with how she looks.
It all has to do with Allure, which is ESSENTIAL for anyone who ever wants to tell a story that involves beautiful characters... I say allure because beauty goes beyond how a character looks, it is ALL about how a certain character reacts to them. That is why I love "Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss, the narrator who is implied to be unreliable, tells his life story. One big thing, which he straight up says is that he perceives the beuty in all women, thus he describes them as such. Rothfuss does everything right, he makes us understand why these women are so appealing. Anyways, that will get it's own post someday.

This is something I want Faith to understand about drawing people, especially beautiful girls, which is what most little girls lean towards. There has to be allure... look on Deviant Art, the best artists on there who draw pretty girls likely understand that concept. Faith is a little young to grasp the idea, but I want to plant the seed.

I highly recommend for you to read Golden Days? Why? I'm six chapters in and it is already fantastic, it is a wonderful and logical twist on the boy meets girl story...well at least the manga one. I give the writer full credit (same guy who writes the light novel) with how he paces this story. This is a character, he is a boy, he likes this girl as such, he doesn't feel the need to focus on forcing stakes like so many romance manga/book authors feel like they need to insert to move the action along. So far, it has been the two characters being put into situations, how they react, and it FOCUSES on their interactions more than anything else. It really stands out. People often forget that a good love story stems from what happens between the characters, not just what is going on around them... which is why most Harem type mangas usually have weak story lines... okay that will be it's own post at some point too...
Point is, Golden Days is refreshing so far, doing everything right and playing cliches up but using them correctly. It feels like a subversion of the typical Japanese love story we're all bored of... you know the one: "WE'RE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS AND WE'RE DESTINED TO BE LOVERS..." Yeah, that is getting really old... Anyways, I won't spoil it because the story is pretty great so far.
That being said, it is being made into an anime this fall, I am excited.

Yeah, the manga's art is much better... let's look at more pictures of her...

My god he can draw, more on this as we move forward together honies.

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