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Monday, 8 July 2013

Lots to do! and not a technowizard.

Well, Leo finished the last of my elements.
However, he sent me the picture in the form of a pdf, I am not a technowizard so I have no idea how to put that shit on here. So you'll have to wait. soo good.
Anyways, they look fantastic, so far I've only disagreed with one. I'm pretty sure most arteests are pickier than that. So I'm doing pretty good here!

Okay, so today is Monday! I just dropped Charlotte off at work. What shall I do? Well I need to finish more editing. page 476 of 700 so I'm making good progress.

That being said, I promised I would take care of my twin nieces for an hour today. It will be chaos, expect pictures. That will be in a few hours... Also I want to send out a few million resumes.

Also, My friend and I are doing a lets play today!

Playing the Fools, youtube it, CHECK IT OUT...we're unpolished but we're having fun and we have a good gimmick. Plus you can hear my fat ass voice! it is pretty awful. Now you want to know what it is like?
Also I promise I'm not racist.

Do that! Don't ask for me to finish the book cover! I did the back ground I just need to draw the people some more! but if you want a sample....

Yeah, I'm pretty fucking awesome at this. I DREW THAT BY HAND!


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