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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mecha dreams

Okay let us get this out of the way.
I FUCKING LOVE MECHA. Japanese, American, it doesn't matter!
I have not seen Pacific Rim yet but you have no idea how excited I am for that one, especially since I am running into conflicting schedules between friends. Cannot wait.
Also my second favorite anime is Gundam 1979, I have the whole thing...on DVD, and the movies, and Zeta Gundam as well as Char's counter attack.
Point is, I love the universal timeline, except for Double Zeta, that can go fuck itself.
One of my favorite writing pet projects over the last couple years has been my Mecha story, that takes place in the mecha universe we all made together... Perhaps someday I'll polish that, but I wouldn't ask money for it.
So I had a mech related dream last night. It was amazing, girls and boys  were forced to pilot together, for some reason the girls were the power source and the guys had to control the machines. They were smaller in terms of most mechs, only about 30 feet or 12 meters tall. We fought monsters, so my subconscious is telling me to go see Pacific fucking Rim already.
I like it when I have good not shitty dreams. I find it amusing when  girls have zombie dreams, they're terrifying and involve being eaten alive. When guys dream of zombies, it involves us being awesome and murdering the shit out of the poor things.
As always, there are always exceptions to the rule.
I've started watching Californication while editing, which I guess is pretty amusing unto itself. Anyway, I found myself hating it but being too lazy to change Canadian Netflix...It seemed like a typical writer's fantasy, (You know, us writers have our fantasies, why do you think the Pixie Dream Girl stereotype was created) you know, bangs lots of women and shit...but I actually came to like it as I got further into it.
Seemed less like a male/writer fantasy as it went on. Plus he's really nice to all the girls he bangs.
speaking of Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Charlotte likes to muse that she's one...albeit a high functioning one...What she's trying to say is she wouldn't drown in the rain.

Anyways, Writing! Yay! I am halfway done the edits for volume one! Leo will be finished repairing my cover about next Friday! So soon Kindle, soon.

Also, I want to fix Volume 3 before I print it off for Emily to edit. I make a lot of the same mistakes and I can easily do them myself and make it easier for her in the future. Faster Edits is a good thing.

Anyways! time to get back to it!


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