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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Money! Money. Money, mooooney monkey

So yeah, Charlotte is back to working at 2:45 to 9...urgh... I miss it so much.
As such, my posts will likely be later. damnit.

Anyway, got a call from the student loan folks today! being 20,000 in debt to them is never fun. it is worse when you don't have money. Anyway, the angel...her name was Stacy... Told me that I could file for unemployment with them and my credit wouldn't be effected...glorious. So yeah, one burden off my chest. I just need to sign up for that shit.
Anyway. Not having money is an interesting thing.
Believe it or not, back in the days of 6-10 months ago I was rolling in money. Charlotte and I had always been very conservative with money while going to school... As such, when I finally got a job in insurance it was a wonderful time. That, and her and I both worked while going to university. So we were doing fine.
Then bam, I get a job that pays over $20 an hour for desk work... plus benefits plus fitness and such. Then we started living well.
Our vacuum was a piece of shit. So I bought a  Dyson.
We wanted to do something together, so we bought a $500 hot yoga membership
videogames, blurays,  books... anything could be ours.
Then I lost my job, at that point we were living well but our expenses added up.
We needed a You-Haul, we needed to store our piano, we needed to get a storage locker for most of our shit... slowly but surely, my payments have come down to three things:
Cellphone 70 a month.
Car insurance 300 a month- on a sad note I switched over to the company that fired me RIGHT before they fired me, because I got a 20% discount with them...I was paying less there with my car fully insured as opposed to with another company and having no collision coverage. (Section C)
Student loans- 100 a month.
My parents, don't charge me rent...thank god.
Slowly, my money has all dried up. I have around 30 dollars in my chequing account, this was after i demolished my savings... my credit card has a limit of 500, and there is about 470 on there.

So yes, not having to pay my student loan off yet is a huge burden off my chest. I just wanted to put that in perspective. I'm at a state in my life, where I'm like a child again... not 8, not 18... more like 12. That point in your life right before your first job, when you're about to find out that money is freedom.
Growing up, I was allowed 2 cans of pop a week, one on friday night, the other on saturday. That is an excellent habit for anyone.
However, when I first got my own money, guess what I started buying? yes pop... not just cans, but bottles... and bad foods in general.
It was such a shock, being able to be independent again.
So here I am again, I am 23 years old, and it is like I'm 12 again. I live at home, I have only pocket change to spend and all my most base needs are met. At least I don't have random urges to watch Showcase or Bravo at 2am just for that weird softcore porn they would play.

I hope I never go back to that point in my life. Where money seems endless... I have come to really like only satisfying my needs and not paying for the things I want to do... that being said, the financial burden is on Charlotte right now and that is not right in any way... hence why I want a job...hence I want to succeed at writing... I want to stop being a burden...but at the same time, I know I don't need it to be happy. fuck, if I was making 30,000 a year and we were getting by and comfortable while living on our own but we were both happy doing what we wanted.. that would be bliss.

I think that is the dream we all lose sight of. We're told to do what we love. but in the end, most people do what I did... they go into something like insurance to pay the bills so that they can be happy with what they can spend it on... Yet they forget that 8 hours of our day is spent doing that thing they hate. Insurance made me not want to return to that ever again.
Unrealistic I know, but that is why they call it a dream, and I do believe it is obtainable.

Anyways! perhaps I'll write again today about less boring stuff! I've got a man date with a bunch of dudes who haven't seen Ghost in the Shell... I just so happen to have it on Bluray.
Also, thank god FOAM wars is cheap.

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