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Thursday, 18 July 2013

More real by the day.

So here I am.
Andrew got his copy of the manuscript, Charlotte was slightly jealous... she wants a paper copy, but I can't afford to pay for another 40 dollar manuscript for her. So she's going to have to settle for a second hand piece of shit Kobo... That is the Canadian Kindle from our book store... it is a piece of shit.
I wrestled with the thing for an hour last night trying to get it to display a pdf without dying.
Anyway, last night I got an email from Leo. He wanted me to try to redraw the cover character, not the background, thank god, just the dude on the cover.
So I did, and it turned out fan-fucking-tastic. Easily one of the best drawings I have ever done. Strangely enough I did it at 9pm while drunk and watching Americas got Talent. As is life. I sent it off to him, as soon as the cover is finished, I can publish the whole thing onto Kindle. I can't wait for when I have money or a fan or three who might be willing to do the drawing for me... then perhaps I'll get pro quality.

Anyways, Andrew was gleeful as shit when I gave him his copy of Ardent's Contract. He was so happy and shocked that it looked so professional. He was expecting a stack of papers held together by staples. Instead I had that shit bound.

Also, I signed up for my author Amazon Kindle account today, gave them my bank info. That might make some people nervous but I've got nothing to give or steal.

My mom is excited to read it, she has a Kobo, which can get stuff off Kindle now. I'm MOST nervous for her to read it. She reads a ton, she's pretty much wheel chair bound so yeah. She is mostly into crime novels and thrillers... you know, the 80,000 word books that James Patterson can pound out once a week.

That being said, there is a bath scene...A BATH one point...when she reads that..urgh... I HATE NOTHING MORE, then when someone reads my stuff in front of me... it makes me want to puke... I'm not joking.
If you've read a few lines in this blog, you probably know I don't have the best self esteem... For some reason I am terrified of my biggest fan.

Speaking of which, I'll probably talk about my mom on another time, I know I say that  a lot... but there is a lot to write. She is former female super soldier who got MS. Her story is an incredible one.
Also I was breach. So from the moment I first took breath I was more of a pain than what I was worth.

I'll never live that one down.


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