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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My arsenal is complete.

So yeah.
Foam wars this Saturday. Fucking pumped.
Today my 75 elite darts arrived. They will stay in the package until Saturday... People kept shooting the darts everywhere and rather than shooting the cheap as shit Busbee darts...they wanted to shoot the few elite darts we had...and the cat loves them...
So yeah, a few elite darts got eaten...
Anyway, check out the weapons I made over the weekend:
Katana, Sword Breaker, Jitte 
So yeah, the Katana design is wicked. the thing is fast, flexible and quite strong. The Swordbreaker is also really cool, I taped the prongs with hockey tape...they might look narrow, but they bend and can catch a weapon very well...although I doubt they'll break one :(
The Jitte is awesome as is a baton with a prong for catching weapons...which I also taped with hockey tape to create grip... it is very light and surprisingly strong... like the Swordbreaker it is incredibly efficient at disarming.

Today, Charlotte helped make my gunbelt, which fits quite well... on it I will hold my pistol, the NERF Maverick as well as the two throwing daggers and the Jitte behind my back.

I will not be taking the Swordbreaker into battle because I don't want to weigh myself down anymore... Although I do want to test it.

I also completed my shoulder harness, which contains my double barrel shotgun...which I will be sawing the end off of... go me. I plan to put a loop on the shoulder piece so that I can put the Katana on my back.

Baha yes I am hardcore... I am also excited.

Yesterday, I had a good day of writing notes for the book after I finish Ardent's Contract... it's working title is Hybrid... it involves machines and shit.

Anyway, that is all for now!

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