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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My drones do their work

I am a proud daddy.
Well, I am not a birth father per say, but you have Emily, Andrew and Bryce, they're my children, Charlotte is their mother... Josh is my brother... and we're weird people.

Anyway, My worker drones have done their work wonderfully.
Emily has given me her final edits for volume 1 and loads of ideas of stuff to add in.
Leo has gotten me the table of elements completed.

My god I am so proud of them both.

Andrew leaves next Thursday morning, I have less than 7 days now to complete certain edits, print the whole thing out at the university for 4 cents a page...(fuck.) and give it to him to be the first reader of the whole damn thing.

I have 100 more pages left to read in volume 3, then I need to prepare volume 1 for Kindle... add in the elements.
Also, the cover art is done...well almost.
Thank you to Leo and Emily, I will pay you back by becoming successful and not mentioning you in the acknowledgements for everything you have done for me.


Oh if you're wondering what the four thingies in the corners are...too fucking bad, those are part of the magic system. You'll like it I'm sure.

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