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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Nothing to see here... Also more element symbols.

Avoided spoilers, downloaded UFC event, watched while drawing the cover of my novel... the thing is I can't afford to waste precious time not doing something so I chose to draw.
Everything went as expected, really good fights, all pretty much wars, all my predictions were correct, the drawing was going well, get to the main event...nothing to....


WIEDMAN KNOCKS SILVA SILLY! holy fucking shit, I know people are talking about all that Silva did wrong, but that is not giving Chris enough credit! the man had a game plan, he stuck to it, he used EXCELLENT boxing against Silva, used more than just a few combos and knocked that idiot out.

Amazing, I screamed, Charlotte thought there was a fire. I thought I was dreaming, my god. it is 3:30 in the afternoon on Sunday and I'm only just finding this out. Wiedman is legit, I was wrong, this wasn't Hughes vs. GSP 1 this was Shogun vs. Jones.

This is the greatest relief ever, seriously. I have been waiting to see Silva lose for so long, not because I hate him but because I'm sick of this GOAT shit. Every fighter ever was supposed to be the guy to beat him, except for Bonnar...well there would always be believers and shit.

I watched Wiedman believers get shit on by forum posters for a whole fucking year... wow, they're laughing all the way to the bank...

Anyway, I'm taking Charlotte to soccer in a little while, she is playing against at team full of girls whom I know really well, so I'll be cheering for the other team...I CAN'T FORM COMPLETE SENTENCES RIGHT NOW.

Look at Leo's Latest work.

The four common elements, Fire, water, wind and earth. There are seven more after this!
Leo asked which I preferred, left or right for the top and side one... for fire I like the one on the right, for Water I like the one on the left.

Wind is the one on the left, it is the best so far in my opinion.

Seriously, Leo is fricken Fantastic, LOOK AT THAT, he is turning my shitty sketches into work of art.

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