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Saturday, 6 July 2013


God I am excited. Why? Because I get excited whenever someone I want to see lose so badly fights, I'm of course talking about Anderson Silva himself!
Hmm, I hate that people call this sport gay as it is. They are clearly in love... 

Jokes aside, I do believe Anderson Silva is the best in the world. That is undeniable, that being said.. I do not think he is the Greatest of All time like people make him out to be... many people said things about Fedor years ago, the skeptics would note the fact that he never fought in the UFC and the level of talent he fought against wasn't the best... That being said, Fedor did fight some of the best heavy weights in the world, just outside of the UFC... but we are talking about Heavy weights...not the best fighter, in fact, I think they have the weakest division in MMA.

Why do I compare Silva to Fedor? because I think they'll be compared to each other in a few years. Silva can't be invincible forever, he will eventually lose, or he'll retire first. I personally hope he loses first. Because then you can get assholes like me who can contest to the fact that he might not have been as good as we made him out to be. That being said, he'll be old and past his prime... Remember that feeling when Chuck Lidell got knocked out by Keith Jardine? That may be Silva's future.

So yeah, Silva is the BEST IN THE WORLD. but Like Fedor, I will argue that his competition hasn't been very good...middleweights kind of suck...just saying. Dana White may tell you with bipolar ferocity that the UFC is where the best fighters in the world go...but is that really true? Think about it for a minute, every time they absorb another organization...the fighters from that organization wipe the floor with the UFC vets...except for Pride, they're the exception. I'm of course referring to guys like Benson Henderson who is now champ or many of the Strike Force fighters who are now doing AWESOME.

Anyway, back on topic. That shouldn't take away from the man's obvious talent, he is incredible, and I believe he wins not because he's the best striker like most people make him out to be, I think it has more to do with his game plan.
Jack Slack of Bleacher Report wrote a very good article last Saturday, about how to defeat Anderson. The man always comes in with a plan, he has thrived in the octagon. In fact, the circular ring is his biggest advantage, wrestlers chase him, he circles. He is a counter fighter, men try to punch him, HE LETS THE FREAKEN PUNCHES ROLL OFF HIS FACE and he punches them harder.. is that amazing? what? not really?
Boxers do the same thing, the problem with MMA is that the striking isn't the best... it is very specific, it is not like K-1 which is an organization that is pure kick boxing, why is that a big deal? well because MMA strikers are taught to throw short combinations, usually don't throw body shots and focus less on accuracy and more on speed...why?  BECAUSE THEY'RE TERRIFIED OF BEING TAKEN DOWN.

So yeah, Anderson's striking is elite, but he is the top of other MMA strikers.
So why do I seem to dislike him? Well because I'm bored of him, I want to see the sport evolve, I'm excited to see the next Jon Jones/GSP come along and dethrone him, steal his glory and usher in a new era. Guys like Shogun and Hughes used to be seen as the best...remember that.

Is that man Chris Wiedman? Good question, he is getting a lot, I mean A LOT of support, people think he is the one. What do I think? I think he very well might be, from what I've seen before this.

That being said, the man is coming off of a one year lay off, and has a small fight record... He isn't ready for this fight tonight. I think this will be a similar situation to Hughes vs. GSP 1. Remember that fight? all those years ago? We had GSP who was being regarded in very similar fashion to Wiedman, people thought of him as the one to finally beat Hughes who had been so dominant up to that point... and Hughes submitted him in the first round.

Wiedman has an excellent future ahead of him, he is incredible, he has the look in his eye, the confidence of a killer... but he is pre champion GSP right now, he will lose.
Then again, I said the same thing about Jones going into his fight with Shogun.

Silva by TKO second round.

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