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Thursday, 11 July 2013

One step down!

Okay, so it is now 3pm, I spent the entire morning and early afternoon while Charlotte was at work finishing editing part 3. I am still pleased with the climax of book one.
Last night Emily and I got together and we discussed how to improve volume one so I can put it on Kindle next week. Now I have a giant checklist of things to do, as well as a printed out version of my manuscript that lists all my errors.
However, I am very much closer to my goal of publishing and getting a full copy of the all three volumes to Andrew for his trip to France, all 300,000 words...

Anyways, lots to do, I have Le Mis at 8pm so i have a few hours extra while Charlotte naps.

In a few minutes I will be posting the first couple pages of the prologue.

God help us.


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