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Friday, 19 July 2013

Pacific Rim soon!

It is almost eight. I am going to go pick up Leo for our totally not gay date. That is because I'm only gay for Andrew! Not true, I love all the boys... hell they love me.
Women (waitresses mostly) find it amusing. I seem to have little shame, I like it. Plus, when you find a perfect woman like I did... the only thing left are men...(Andrew)
He's in France now. His girlfriend misses him a lot, she is a wonderful woman. The kind that you DREAM of your friends getting. Yes, that is a concern for me. I've seen too many of my friends get shitty girlfriends or god forbid, try to date one of my female friends...which always...for some reason...ENDS IN FUCKING DISASTER. I hate nothing more then when I unintentionally introduce people and they start dating. Always ends poorly.
Odd, since I tried to set up my best friend in Highschool Logan with a girl I think liked him and I think he liked back... Odd since I now think she may have liked me all along. God I fucked up a lot in those days.

Anyways, as per the title of this blog... I WILL TRY TO STAY ON TOPIC.
Pacific Rim, I will post my thoughts on it tomorrow morning. Hopefully I work out, I intend to eat lots of theater shit. Why? Because I do a 1000 Calorie plus workout almost every day and I'm constantly fucking hungry as a result.
I'm still fat.
but muscular at the same time.
It's fucked.

Anyway, soon to be date time. I'm going to leave you with a Manga recommendation. It is the latest new series by an author whom I adore if you're into slightly adult type dealio. Hell, even Charlotte liked her stuff...yes it is a her who writes slightly erotic manga... So they're more...Josei, which means for adult women. Shoujo-Girls, Shounen-boys, Seinin- men.
Josei consist a lot of house wife fantasies, so yes they're fantastic.
Anyways, the series is called:  Yoru Wo Tomenaide
It is incredible, the art is amazing and the story made me tear up slightly with the first chapter. Not much sex so if that is what you're reading for...not much there. 

God, her art style is incredible. 

Anyways, off to go pick up Leo. 


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