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Friday, 5 July 2013

Pre editing and never back down'ing

God this movie is awful. But it is my kind of awful.
Of course I am talking about Never back down 2: DA BEATDOWN.
Which I'm watching on the ever shitty Canadian Netflix, which is much worse than real Netflix or South African Netflix. Anyway, So I did some more editing last night, I'm up to page 421 out of 700, so I'm getting closer to my goal of giving a gift to my manly Andrew before he leaves for France and breaks my heart forever.
Speaking of No homo. I'm a huge MMA fan, I know I keep saying that, but I have a feeling you may be misinterpreting that. Why do I assume? BECAUSE MOST OF THE MMA FANS YOU SEE AT BARS ARE ASSHOLES.
I'm talking the Tap out Bros, that is what we mma geeks call them at least. They make the rest of us look terrible and we hate them. The real fans can usually be found on the internets or watching illegal streams or occasionally watching it at friend's houses. Why? Because watching UFC events at bars fricken sucks... Also there is an understanding that there are other organizations other than UFC, things like Invicta (which I have a special softspot for) and even Bellator which has become better over the years despite the fact that they are turning into the minor leagues.
Yet like any fanbase there is a clear level grid of fans, it runs from:
TAP OUT BRO <-----------Nerdy nerd nerds--------------> pretentious "I have a black belt" fan.

Anyways, you'll get the full treatment tomorrow, because tomorrow is FIGHT DAY WOOOO, Silva vs. Wiedman! I am so excited, for most people who casually watch the sport, fight day starts at 9pm for the co main event... for the hardcores, it starts about about 3pm for the prelims.
As for Never back down, I kind of like this movie in a guilty pleasure sense...and besides it's got that guy from American Horror Story that the ladies all love... who is going to be Quick Silver...

Work out--->editing.


Edit: I just saw Todd Duffee's character one punch a guy, I would call bullshit, but the guy does that in real life.

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