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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Second Day! MY RECENT LIFE STORY! Insurance...oh.

So this is my second day with a blog, hopefully I will post everyday....meanwhile I am struggling to get Netflix to work, the bastard... ANYWAY.
I do have a few goals in mind for my story that I am self publishing on Kindle.
The story itself is divided into three volumes, the first is under 40,000 words and is more or less a Novella, It serves as the first arc of my story. the second volume is a little bit longer, about 50,000. It is a separate and serves to introduce more elements of my story. I first volume 1 and 2 last summer, the first volume was an ongoing nightmare. I had started it in September while going to University for INSURANCE and  worked on it little by little until I was done school at the beginning of June, yes I did three semesters of University in a row, if I had finished my degree it would have been four...Anyway, I worked hard on the story and finished the first volume. It was rough and needed lots of love but that`s life. After finishing that, I went into a sort of writer phase and went nuts, I remember it was around July 18th of 2012 because I had just seen the Dark Knight Rises and felt inspired or something. Volume 2 took me about a month. So about 50,000 words into mid August.
I started a new job, hated it, quit it within two weeks. At this point I had sent out so many resumes, you see, as much as I loved writing I was still realistic. I decided to go to school for Insurance so that I could find a good job and support my habit for fun.
I'm a piss poor student, I'm pretty smart...but I'm a horrible student. That is not a proper excuse I know, hard work is all that was needed to succeed and I have no one to blame but myself...but I was studying insurance... that being said I did take some interesting courses and learned a lot about contract law that would help me out in writing my story... that being said, $20,000 in student loans still blows. My girlfriend and I were also living together, we were penny pinchers so we did just fine. So after three semesters, I failed a course, and I was kicked out of my program, it was kind of embarrassing. That being said, I still had 6 CIP courses under my belt, in insurance talk, that is a big dealio yo.
So back to the summer of 2012, I just quit my piss poor job and the only thing going for me seemed to be writing and my other job at a grocery store which I had held for six years. My now fiance  supported me wonderfully and we were enjoying life.
A blessing came in October when I was hired by an insurance company to be a claims adjuster. The boss said he saw great potential in me and decided to take me under his wing. I wasn't writing as much because I had become distracted by other projects (it happens) and Game mastering two separate groups for the Mistborn RPG (which is fantastic by the way)
So I was now a claims adjuster, I was in the insurance industry, I didn't have my degree but hell... I was in so who cared? Well they did. Five months later they laid me off deciding that my education wasn't worth the investment. I don't know how much you know about claims adjuster, but lets just say I spent all day on the phone talking to people who hated my guts because they crashed their car and I wasn't paying them enough money for it... I also only dealt in at fault and hit and run claims, so I had some really mean people.
Point was, that shit was stressful. I wasn't good enough at it for what they were expecting and I got laid off. My boss told me (same guy who promised to guide me and take me under his wing) that I was a waste of their time and that I didn't belong in insurance. I was a little disheartened.
Well fuck, I had a 20,000 student loan..a loving fiance who goes to school full time, an apartment, a vehicle, and no job. I had spent the last two years of my life preparing to enter this program and doing the university for it and here I was, black listed in a very small and personal industry where everyone knows everyone.
I became depressed, Charlotte and I were wonderful money savers, I still had a fair amount left, enough for us to live on for a few months, however I told my parents what happened and they agreed to let us move in.
I don't remember a lot of those last two months in my apartment, I mostly slept all day, I couldn't get out of bed, everything would make me upset and I generally avoided people. The only thing productive I remember doing was planning a new fantasy setting (it's pretty fantastic, when I get around to'll be about 10 books each 12,000)
We moved out of our apartment on April 27th, it rained all day while me, Charlotte and my brother and his Girlfriend rented a Uhaul and moved all our stuff into a storage locker and the rest to my parents basement. I remember that day because it was my 23rd birthday, and Chael Sonnen lost to Jon Jones. It was pretty upsetting overall.
So Charlotte asked me a few days later: "What about Ardent's Contract? I really liked that, why don't you write?" Charlotte just leaned over and told me I'm paraphrasing, which means she's reading this, STOP CHARLOTTE.
Anyway, I figured why the hell not. I had spent two years planning the setting and it was close to three and a half years of work put into it total. That being said, I am pretty shitty at sharing my writing with other people. the first time I shared my writing when I was 17, the guy looked at me and told me I fucking sucked at it. So yeah, I kind of have self esteem issues when it comes to if you make fun of my blog I'll fucking cry, AND I'LL LET YOU KNOW ABOUT IT.
A few people have read my shit, Sheldon, he is the best editor ever and his own writing is wonderful. Andrew, who is my butt buddy for life and I would do anything for him, he is THE GREATEST person I know. He is a writer's wet dream, that guy who loves absolutely everything you give him but will tell you exactly why so it feels somewhat legitimate. So it's like having a second penis is what I'm saying. Emily, whom I've been sharing writing with for years, she's a fantastic editor and she's editing Ardent's Contract as we speak, or at least she should be... And of course Charlotte, who was the last of those people to get to read my writing, because hell, for some reason I cared more about her opinion than anyone elses... once again she reads over my shoulder and corrects my grammar...SHE KNOWS WHEN I MENTION HER.
Charlotte liked it for some reason, and she's not exactly inexperienced either. She reads freakishly fast, seriously, I've never seen anything like it, and she's read so many fantasy novels it is frighting. Meanwhile you have her dad Eric, who is British (yes I have to mention that) and is also a writer hippy father in law who lives in a creepy commune writing his hard-boiled Chinese detective movie script (film coming in 2015)
He's fantastic, point is, she's some kind of expert. her dad can even write!

So I started writing again, I planned and wrote and kept going and going. Two months later, I had completed the third volume... in total the entire story was 700 pages and 288,073 words...volume 3 is more than twice as long as parts 1 and 2 combined... So between failing to find a new job, and writing on average 10,000 words a day, I got shit done.

I just finished volume 3 this past Sunday, before Canada day.

I would like to go into more detail about writing said part three and how it helped me overcome my depression, that shit is inspiring.... But Charlotte has yeah... this is awkward.

ANYWAY I'm going to name off my goals for this month because I'm a shithead and meant to do that at the beginning but got into the story of my life and how Insurance fucked me over.

-July 18th, Andrew leaves for France, I want to provide him with an entire draft as a hard copy so he can read it.
-I need to reread and edit volume 3 as much as I can... I write fast, I tend not to go back and read my writing. So far I'm fucking shocked that it is grammatically correct and that I've had to make few corrections.

-Emily is editing volume 1 so I can publish it on kindle. I would love to send it as a query to an agent, but you know as they say: I'M SHIT FUCKING BROKE AND I HAVE NO PREVIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS. Emily is a fantastic editor, she is going to school for it and plans to do it as a career, that being said said she can also write well too! She is very passionate and spends long hours on Watt pad correcting people's grammar for them, as it turns out, they're 13 year olds who do not appreciate her talent...I DO THOUGH. apparently me and Wattpad are good practice.

-I have designed a logo for my book as well as symbols for things to do with the magic system, all that is left is to draw a cover (I'm not bad at drawing so I can get away with this.) and to draw a map for my story, I am fan fucking tastic at maps, I'll show you some time, and you'll be surprised. SHOCKED EVEN. My friend Leo has offered to clean up my art using Photoshop rip off program, so it'll look not half bad.

-Find a job, I'm in a weird spot, I have a Insurancecentric education, but they won't hire me because my education isn't complete, meanwhile other places won't hire me because I'm educated in something else. It has been awful thus far.
-Learn how to self publish well, it involves writing a blog so I'm meta. This involves reading posts on the internet, reddit and going on Goodreads a lot (but not blatantly telling people to read my stuff, because that is what assholes do.)

Anyway, soccer time! Toodles!

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