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Friday, 19 July 2013

Self publishing and inspiration

So if you're a writer you've likely heard this before.
I have only known this for a couple months. Why? Because I was always too focused on writer instead of getting published. I figured things would eventually just work out.

Funny that, now I'm working so hard towards it. Truth is, I don't have time to look for a agent. It is extremely hard to get one. I have yet to find my own. It is like finding a soul mate, so far, I have yet to find my muse.

Oh well, I'm sure he or she is out there. They'll read my stuff someday, it'll speak to them in some profound way and they'll stalk me until I give in. As a guy, there have been few times where I have been perused, so I look forward to it.

Nothing wrong with wanting to feel wanted.

Anyways, the yesterday was strange.
Inspiration is something people say strikes you randomly. That couldn't be more true... you can't explain it, it just happens, and like a flood, it takes a little while to dry up.
So I had just gotten back from coffee with my friend yesterday, she's been through a lot of similar things to me so we get along quite well. I was watching Californication, thinking about editing volume three and I looked at my notebook and just started writing down ideas.

I do my best thinking when I shouldn't be. Remember, I'm a day dreamer. Driving is one of the best times for me. In the shower is another. Walking is one of the most common...The latest I've discovered is working out. I can go on an hour long run and I'll at least have a few good ideas.

So when I picked up my coil book, I thought to myself: How should I write my next book. I started by writing the various scenarios I would have to depict in my next book. That got me to needing some characters so I wrote small write ups for about 30 or so new characters... All who would fit within the various scenarios.

Today, I was writing various notes of small ideas I had... and I thought up two character's backstories. I ALWAYS had the idea for one... Why? because I had originally intended it for another story. That is the primary reason I'll tell anyone who writes that there is NO SUCH THING, as a bad idea. even if it doesn't fit with your setting... It may fit with something else, so never forget that.

Once you come up with major ideas, like I did yesterday. The dam is broken, ideas now have a foundation and you'll find yourself coming up with random small ideas even when you're supposed to be doing something else. Driving, watching Charlotte's soccer game, trying to sleep.

Quite funny, I'm sure most authors have a different process, but shit just comes to me. It doesn't happen all at once, there is a catalyst and then smaller ideas that follow over the course of weeks.

By the time I sit down to write down plot and how it all connects together, it is just a matter of logic.

Anyway, that is all for now. Charlotte is off at 12: 45 and we have a date.

Also, Pacific rim at 10:45 tonight with Leo and Stuart.


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