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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Show down!

First off, no I have not watched UFC 162 yet, I am currently downloading it.
Because I'm broke, that is why, I can't order it off of pay per view, nor am I willing to go to a bar full of...people... plus Silva is a huge draw and it would be packed...people...

Anyways, I'll be watching it this afternoon and I'll likely blog about my thoughts, not that you care? This is a blog about writing? NO...but yes, writing is my life but I like other things too...INDULGE ME.

Anyway, on the docket today, I will be working on a sketch that I plan to use as a cover for my Ebook, I don't know how most people make their covers, I think they use stock art... at least that is what it looks like, I will be hand drawing it and having Leo clean it up with me looking over him the whole time.

I hope it turns out well, I am not the best drawer but I am competent at least.  Speaking of which, perhaps I should tell you about my niece Faith. A wonderful young lady,  11 years old, I was like 12 when she was born. the first of my sister's five kids, which included two sets of twins, Faith is the only non twin.

Her other sister Grace is 9, her twin Jacob unfortunately died during birth, but that is a story for another time, trust me it is very dramatic. My other twins nieces, Layla and Ella (poor naming choice WE ALL KNOW) are 3 and adorable. All of them have their birthday in August, what can I say? my sister must love new years.

Anyway, Faith is my favorite niece, much to my sister's anger. Why? well because she's the oldest, and shes' the most person like. What I mean like that is, young children tend to be... well they're kids, they don't really have a personality, they have quirks and shit but not really identities. Faith is at that age where she is starting to figure out who she is and what she likes. On top of that, she is incredibly intelligent, and likes to be talked to like she's an adult, she always has been like that. When she was eight, she saw me drawing and asked me to help her draw manga-esque style . So I trained her, harshly, then took a break...I find out a few months ago that she has always kept drawing and drastically improved... like she's really good. So I started training her more seriously and in a matter of weeks she got even better. She just started summer and  has been drawing everyday, it is frighting how good she is getting for an eleven year old.
That being said, I made a massive reference sheet for her, I went on Deviant art, printed her out tutorials on everything, eyes, lips, hands, hair, clothing, creases in clothing, and of course, anatomy. On top of that, I delved into my creepy collection of hundreds of manga pages that I  collect for the sake that I love art and I like to look back on it. I gave her many different styles of manga art to look at, most of it being Nisekoi, I shall give you some samples now.

 Mostly girls in fact, why? because an eleven yer old girl wants to know how to draw pretty girls. 
 Although this is the only Nisekoi one I am sharing on the blog, SO MANY OF THEM WERE NISEKOI.
 yes that is a girl in a bikini, Faith would already draw girls in bathing suits anyway, if she's going to do it, she may as well do it right. or at least in my humble opinion. 
 Same girl as above! why? because she's beautiful and chunky! seriously, I love this manga's art mainly because he isn't afraid of having a slightly chubby heroine with a realistic body. I will eventually have an entire blog on well drawn heroines and stuff. 
 Faces, many different kinds and expressions...also owl person.
 opps, I may have taken from a semi sexual...(very) manga, well, nothing sexual or bad on this page so I feel no guilt. 
 There is a way to draw women (and men) with allure. I think that a lot of people fail to realize how beautiful of creatures we are as humans. I will likely have an entire blog on creating an alluring female character in writing/manga/RPGs. Why? because I feel it is something that many writers/GMs lack the know how of how to do. 
 Taken from a recent anime. An excellent anime at that. this character got very little screen time but I loved her design. LOOK AT THOSE EYES, we call that: DULL SURPRISE. 
 opps, spoiler alert, Baka and test. I watched this on Canadian Netflix expecting to hate it, but I loved it. in part because of the art, the pastel, pretty art and the characters are adorable as fuck. 

So yes, There were 90 or so other images including these. She has learned well. Perhaps I will show you some of her drawings another time, there is a clear progression. She feels bad when she takes ideas from other drawings, but she's young so she's allowed, so I encourage it.

anyways, that is all for now.

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