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Thursday, 4 July 2013

So, you want to know more about me?

Would you perhaps like to know more about me? what you do? I'm going to take the fact that you're reading this as a yes, or you love me and you're humouring me. Okay so here we go:
Besides obsessively writing on a daily basis, (over 10,000 words a day) I do other things!
Well I'm in a relationship, that counts right?
Okay, I read lots, right now I'm reading a book called Promise of Blood, it is quite similar to a typical Brandon Sanderson novel and I like it so far... It's like the french revolution.
MMA, yeah that is right... I like watching UFC and Invicta. No, I am not a bro, one of those guys you see at the bar who is screaming at the TV for blood... No, I'm one of those less mainstream fans, the kind you see on the Internets: IE we can joke about silly shit. I will make a longer post about this sometime, for now, I will tel you to look at r/MMA on Reddit... I have a love relationship with the rest of Reddit because normally it cesspool of hive mind liberal opinions... the people on there are pretty infuriating and annoying, hence why I fit in beautifully.

Okay, so Fitness! I might be one of the few Fantasy authors who is in good shape. After I got out of university I was 230 pounds and only 5'10, I'm kind of broad shouldered but that is still overweight. so on December 19th 2012 I decided that I would finally work towards losing weight, something I had been saying I would do for a while... the thing about me, if I have trouble getting something started, but once I start...I get yeah. Charlotte and other people told me perhaps I should wait till Jan 1st to try to lose weight, because of new years and shit, but I know that always fails. So I started on that day. So yeah, I cut down to 200 pounds than accidentally bulked up to 215, the only thing left to get rid of is my annoying gut, which has been shrinking lately.
When I became unemployed I started working out even more...when I started living with my parents again it became a daily thing. elliptical, or treadmill for an hour a day is what I'm up to now. and some weight training with 25 pound weights...also squeaky rowing machine.
At one point I was having stomach problems because my intake of protein was too high, saw a doctor and he told me to lay off the protein powder, his logic was infallible... "Cavemen didn't have powder and they were so muscular." I'm pretty sure those words will stay with me my whole life.
Videogames, I haven't played much recently... but my friend Josh and I are doing a let's play for fun. It mostly consists of me being an asshole and Josh responding accordingly.

Manga! I got into anime when I was 17, since then, I'm more a fan of manga and I have several series that I follow and love... Nisekoi and World God only Knows are my favs so far. Yes they're shonen romance mangas meant for preteen boys, those are my guilty pleasure... They're better than most other harem type mangas because of: Good art, originalish story, good protagonist instead of boring main character who is just really nice and boring and other stuff.
I recently started a new manga, the premise is that "ALL THE GIRLS IN THE WORLD ARE TRYING TO RAPE HIM" Yes, there is a contrived plot reason for this... but who cares? there is an author somewhere in Japan and he just wanted to write the story of a poor highschool boy who has to avoid getting raped by all the girls he goes to high school with...AND HE'S NOT SPECIAL IN ANY WAY!
case and point:

So yes, it is kind of glorious. No, I will not give you the title of it so you can read it yourself

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!Anyway, I need to get to editing. FOR SOME REASON I CAN ONLY SEE THE FIRST THREE LINES OF MY BLOG.


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