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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Time to get a job.

Well a part time job, my issue is that I don't trust them insurance companies and other office type jobs won't hire me. But that doesn't mean it won't suit me, plus I am looking for more part time work right now, build up my confidence, allows me to work, and will let me earn some bloody money.
While going to Chapters (Canadian bookstore that pretty much has a monopoly on books in the town I live because they're evil.)  Charlotte and I got to talking about the idea, she cheered up, much to my relief and we went for Icecaps (from Tim Hortons, everything you've seen on how I met your mother about that place is true) We went to chapters because Charlotte's copy of book five of the wheel of time was a misprint. She refused to read the series until I brought home the first six books for her, in non shitty new printed version. Like many people, she looked at the wheel of time books and thought: "Hey, that is fucking hideous art, no way I'm reading that shit." But when I brought her home the new versions that are based off the e book version, she couldn't resist. For argument's sake let us compare:

exhibit cock: 
Look at that shit, it is tacky, it reminds me of the eighties and it tells a weak ass story: OMG PEOPLE WILL SIT AROUND A CAMP FIRE AND ENJOY EACH OTHER'S COMPANY IN THIS BOOK.
That being said, the way characters look VARIES from cover to cover with each successful novel so you don't really know what each character looks like or should.

how this should be done: 
fucking look at that! Seriously. It is beautiful. That is Mat, HOW MAT SHOULD LOOK. it carries motifs from the book and looks bad ass at the same time. it screams: WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO READ ME?

So yeah, she read them.

anyways, job hunting, I have several options here:

-Chapters, You may not believe it, but in person I am very convincing and comfortable with talking... I can sell shit easily. That being said, I've never viewed myself as a salesmen, hence why I became a Adjuster as opposed to a sleezy shit mouthed Insurance Broker, the used cars salesmen of insurance. That being said, I didn't become a Underwriter either, which are the umpa loopas of insurance.
-Any one of the 20 liquor stores in the town I live in. in 1993, The alcohol industry became privatized in Alberta...Before it was run by the government. There was one liquor store for a population of 40,000 or so... that being said, it was closed on Sundays because of church and shit and closed every other day at 6pm

Today, there are around twenty liquor stores in my rich suburb town, not one of these stores is less than a five minute drive away from the other. Kind of funny. Point is, all I would have to do is stock shelves and sit behind a counter, which seems like hell for most...but I would FUCKING love that. I would sit there just thinking about my writing, the best ideas I have ever come up for writing have been while at work at the grocery store or driving... That being said, when I was an insurance adjuster I thought of NOTHING. That being said, one of the laziest excuses for a human beings I have ever known worked at a liquor store, if he could do it, so could I!

-Home depot, doing some good old yardy work, I could do it.

-Canada Post, they are fricken legit... plus I'm responsible enough and long as they don't read this.


Yes this does excite me.

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