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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wake up, coffee, work out, write, photography and wrestle.

Wake up at 6am, make coffee, take Charlotte to work. (She doesn't have her own car and she hates driving mine because reasons...dark reasons) Get home, drink coffee, eat toast, work out, listen to Way of Kings audio book, go shower, I am over 1000 calories lighter...starving...hopefully eat something healthy... go to write while watching last night's MONDAY NIGHT RAAAAAW, didn't record, swear at PVR, thank god that it is replayed at 2pm.

Now here I am.

Things are going quite well.

-I'm almost done editing the third volume so that I can call it a true first draft.
-Leo has created wonderful versions of all the elements.
-Go back and add in scenes in the third volume that I feel are needed.
-Emily says she'll have the first volume done and fully edited by the weekend, I'll have to retrieve the hardcopy from her, which she has raped with red pen.
-Go over volume one with Emily's edits, fix my shitty grammar, add in details that she thinks are needed.
-Implement her wonderful ideas.
-Need to finish a few more details for the cover art myself.

Okay, everything is looking good, it is almost 9:30am, I have a few things I can do today.
-Need to finish the editing, I have 150 pages left.
-Do some more sketches.
-Josh is coming over for an hour so that we can record let's play.
-I am fucking starving, seriously I just lost 1000 calories from running...unless that machine lies, which I would believe.
-Dinner date with Andrew tonight, I am totally gay for him, he is a busy boy who works at a nearby Starbucks. My ultimate goal is to have all three volumes ready for him by the 18th in hardcopy so he can take it to France so that it can be stolen. I want him to be the first to read the entire thing, so that I can get another reader's perspective and a much needed ego boost.

Speaking of which, I texted my wonderful friend Melissa yesterday. She is the only person I know who actually will carry a camera around with it isn't a smart is like...A Cannon? Canon? I don't know. She agreed to have a photoshoot with my fat ass, so that I can get an author picture for the back of my book and for my Good Read's account.
She said it was easy because I'm so handsome. <3
This is why I keep her around, she knows when to lie.
Not that I'm a fucking troll face either, well, I look in the mirror and kind of want to vomit, but we call that self esteem issues.

TIME TO GET TO WORK...wait, food...urgh...
Oh Hi one person from Russia who keeps reading my blog, I just want you to know I love you to death. <3

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