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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wolverine Anime challenge.

God help me.
In celebration of the Wolverine film coming out tomorrow...I am going to watch the Wolverine anime...urgh.

A few years ago, when the first of the marvel animes came out, I got excited... OMG MARVEL BUT ANIME? HELL YES.
But then I watched the first episode of the Ironman anime after it aired...
It might have just been the Japanese dialogue...something I bet the dubbers would have improved...but it was creepish in the way it worshiped Japanese it was made by the Japanese and...
So yeah, It didn't feel right for a north american audience.
Hopefully they change that bad first impression.

So far, Anime Wolverine looks ridiculous. I'm not talking the show... I'm talking about the character design... MORE TO FOLLOW!
damnit I want a job.

Note: Most annoying of all... is the fact that Steven Blum is not voicing Logan in this...HE ALWAYS VOICES HIM THESE DAYS...instead...they got...PETER PETRILLI OF HEROES FAME!

Well at least Steven Blum voices him in the Xmen anime.

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