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Friday, 30 August 2013

Okay, so no internets.

Telus isn't coming until September 20th. I will blog when I can... because I love you and want to...
Anyways, really exciting. We got our keys tonight, and we are ultra excited to move in. the place is fucking perfect... like...shit... without other people's shit in it, is even perfecter.
Okay, so leave me alone.
Or buy my book.
please buy it.

So a strange thing happened.

First off, yesterday was very stressful at work.
I admit I was a bit of a grump at first. But I did help lots of people. One of these ladies came in and had some printing done, I was a little dumb with tiredness so it took me a moment to process her order. I felt a little rude and stuff. But we started talking, and her printing was for a book reading that day.
"I write fantasy." She said.
"Funny, I do too." I responded. Somehow I fit into the conversation that I wrote a 300,000 word novel while depressed and unemployed. She responded by telling me that she had been writing her whole life, while working as well, in the morning, and in the evening. When you love writing, you find a way. And that she couldn't have gotten where she was on her own.
So I asked about her book, it was a Anthology of four novellas written by her and three other authors... loosely connected. She invited me to the book reading, it was at seven... in down town Edmonton. Far away. I'm off at 6 :30, but I tell her I'll be there.
Her name was Billie, when I mentioned that I had published on kindle she seemed sympathetic, explained that it is a very tough market for fantasy authors.
So I get off work at 6:30, rush home, get dressed, drive to downtown edmonton. 35 minute drive. I make it there at 7:10, struggle to find parking and bam, I'm in. It was at Audrey's, the only independent book store in Edmonton.
So I listen to Billie and two of the other authors (the fourth lived in Ontario) read from the novella while using bingo cards, which I printed off for her earlier that day, as a game.
Afterwards, she comes up to me, asks me to come see her before I leave.
I buy a copy of her book. Go see her, she signs it, and tells me to add her on Facebook. She introduces me to the other authors, and speaks very highly of me, she had mentioned me to them earlier. "Jordan from Staples".. stressful much right? I told her i would add her on Facebook, and she told me that she would "Introduce me to people" to help me with my writing.
At this point, I'm close to tearing up. like Jesus Christ man. holy shit.
"Authors help each other, I remember when I was your age."
Thank you so much, like seriously, I will show that I'm not some crazy.

So yeah, went to Andrew's Metal band concert right after, on the other side of Edmonton, got there in time... pulled him outside, told him what happened. we jumped up and down, celebrating.

So here I am, at another crossroads, will this turn out to be the path of my dreams? my god, I hope so. Like seriously, I have fought for this, and I am so excited.
What if I hadn't worked at Staples. what if Billie hadn't come in to get her printing done, what if one of the other three employees helped her.

Seriously. Wow.

Let's not think about what ifs.

Anyways, toodles.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Okay, I did the coolest... most uncool thing ever.

So I walk into work yesterday, my trainer walks up to me and we face each other and talk. the whole time there is a fly buzzing around us.
"That fucking fly has been buzzing around me all morning, I can't..."
While looking her in the eye, my hand shoots out and I fucking catch the fly in the palm of my hand. We both stare awkwardly at my hand for a moment before I let go, the fly flies off...alive.
Okay, so this is pretty weird, I have NEVER caught a fly in my life with just my hands...
So she gives me a dirty look.
"Why didn't you kill it?"
"I don't know..." I think I was stunned that I caught the damn thing.
Anyways, a couple more days to the move... after that I'll be distracted less :D

Monday, 26 August 2013


I promised to talk about my job didn't I?
Well I'm enjoying it, although it is pretty stressful... people who want copying done are nuts. I'm in that crowd too! Anyway, having a job is tiring. I forgot how much it sucked not getting to write 12,000 words  a day. Perhaps someday I'll be able to do that full time...seriously I would love that.

To do that, I need to sell books, I am working hard on self promoting. It is hard, but I am doing lots and lots! including giving out copies for reviews and I'm going to be featured on the "struggling writers" newsletter for september! hopefully that boosts sales! Once I get a few reviews up, I'll pay for advertisement on Amazon and Goodreads. should be fantastic.

Either way, I am impatient, I cannot continue editing until I get my main copy of Ardent's Contract on my harddrive... i noticed that the version I had as back up is a little dated... by little, I mean I made some touch ups here and there. But I/m somewhat sure they're important. and I'm paranoid about missing anything.

Anyways, Thank you if you have bought a copy of my ebook, I freaken love you. As much as people said: "HEY I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR YOU, ILL BUY THAT FOR SURE" then I let them know and they keep putting it off... NOT BITTER I SWEAR.

Anyway, I have shit to do! WE MOVE ON SUNDAY WOO WOO WOO.


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Moving next sunday!

not really. I'm pretty chill yo.
hopefully all my friends help us move like good Sheep. I am pretty excited though, nothing makes you love your parents less like living with them... urgh.
So guys! what's up? have you bought my book yet? no? GAHHADHFAH I want to live here!
Amazon won't tell me how many people have bought yet... but soon... SOOON. I am excited though! lots of test readers...who I have to give the book for free.

Anyway! on episode five of attack on Titan...every single...episode has been amazing. I highly recommend it. Ending on a wham moment is the best way to achieve this... and they do it in spades...

Err... Also, Josh and I did a last of us let's play... I was pretty silly. I bet you'll like it long time!

Also! my one shot on Anima is going to be live streamed... should be wicked, I'll be running a dangerous campaign... since my players have a history of believing they're invincible this should be an eye opener.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Last of us!

No! I am not name dropping just for the hits... or am I? who knows?
I do.
Well it would be nice at least.
Anyway, Josh and I will be starting our let's play of it tonight... I will be playing.
Hopefully it lives up to the hype.
Just have to get through another day! although I kind of like my job.
One of the managers called me a natural... and mentioned that most new people in copy aren't very good...or at least awkward.
Also, although the customers are supposed to be the most difficult in the store... they're not so bad... well I wasn't a fan of the lady who got mad at me for helping an elderly man before her, in my defense he just wanted to pay for a copy card and had his money out for it already... while her shit took like ten minutes, his took 15 seconds. take four quarters, swipe card, put money in register, give card to him, done.
oh customers. I forgot how fun the service industry was! <3
Anyway! more attack on Titan.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Attack on Tin-Tin

I'm only watching one episode of Attack on Titan a day, in the morning. From what I've seen so far, I think this might be the best anime since Madoka... The animation, the story, the pacing is excellent...tense... but this brings me to a sad reality.
We live in the dark age of anime right now.
Yes, we get one gem that comes out in a season, maybe two if we're lucky... for example, things like Durarara, Eden of the East, Madoka, and now Attack on Titan...hell even that swim boy club show.
But for everything good that comes out... there is about fifteen shows that come out that are either based off a visual novel (which can be good mind you, but usually isn't) or Moe bullshit.
Jesu Otaku, Aka Hope Chapman, best anime reviewer alive calls it the "Cute girls doing cute things" genre... as a result, we have been forced to watch bullshit like K-On... shows with minimal conflict and stupid plots.

Hell, I think the whole Moe thing is getting out of hand. yes they're drawn to be cute, who the fuck cares? Since when has that determined if a show should be watched? or god forbid, this IDEAL that the girls in these shows/mangas have to be essentially perfect girls who are virginal and pure and all that bullshit. There was a manga that came out a while ago, when fans found out that the main heroine was NOT a virgin, they started sending the author death threats.
Not even good shows can be spared. Last winter, there was that whole "Moe day" bullshit, the Japanese had a poll to determine the most moe characters... AND MADOKA CHARACTERS DOMINATED. I love that show, and it is just insulting... The show was a deconstruction, the fact that people are trying to turn it into a maiden spank bank is just depressing.
Most of the list was made up of characters like the retarded cast of K-On.

So yeah, we live in a small period of time, that is terrible for the industry. We're not getting quality at the moment.
Anyway, that is your blog for before going to work... I shall do another when I get home.
I really like that my hits have tripled. Thank you.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oh now it works...

Been trying to blog for the last hour...
Now I work... urgh


Also, the finale for Whodunit was glorious.

Monday, 19 August 2013

In the meantime!

While preparing for moving! I will be doing edits, planning and planning a RPG one shot for my friends.
We're using a system called Anima... I'll give details on that later... My players do read this blog.

I'm so anxious with the book release... I did so much broadcasting yesterday that I didn't do much else. I know I should relax but I still need more people to read and review it...god forbid buy the thing.
Some groups on Good reads have been very helpful! and I'm officially considered an author on Goodreads! they converted my account and everything.
But I still don't feel like a real author, despite what people tell me.
We'll have to see won't we?
On the bright side, I'm getting lots of hits... which is really nice. I'm sure once the word is out about how pretty good my book is people will clammer for it :p CLAMMER I SAY!
urgh, so sleepy.
Work was really busy today... the girl who was training me was two hours late, so I had to solo it...
I did pretty well, so I'm told.
I haven't talked about my job much have I?
Well screw that, Raw is on.



Attack on Titan.

The hype is worth while.
I admit it.

Okay back to life.

Okay! I am published!
Buuuuut... life goes on! I still have a JOB :D which sounds really awesome to me.
I work 8:30 to 4:30 and then I get to see Andrew for a bit! :D
I also have a lot of work to do, to release the next two volumes of Ardent's Contract... which is about 300,000 words total... I have only released the first 42,000.
Anyway, Emily when she did her edits for me, wrote them out on a printed out REALISTICALLY... I could edit it myself, knowing my mistakes...which are quite commonly made... have Charlotte proof read it...then bam... get it out as fast as possible... because, you know, Emily has a life and University is about to start back up... and she's a bit slow at editing, so I might have to kick it up from this point on.
We'll see!
I hope I don't have to do that, I like listing another person as the editor and I honestly believe I am a shit editor of my own work and in general.

On a happy note, Andrew brought me back a gift from France!
A leather bound notebook, hand made by a middle eastern man at the side of the road...who put lots of love into it... made of leather and parchment.
Fucking love it.
That is all for now!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Today was exhausting!

I am glad to finally be self published...but... it is quite stressful.
Self promoting is like..URGH MUST DO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, NEED TO DO MORE! And I need more reviewers! If you are interested in reviewing the book and getting a free copy, just message my good reads account (Jordan Dunsmore) and I'll hook you up with the PDF.
Work at 8am.
Also, I'm going to download summerslam...
sleepy time!


please buy this version!

The pictures are now working! the symbols are important.
Thank you!

First review!

I'm actually so happy that I'm not a flaming pile of shit!
Also she makes constructive points and I'm happy that she did this for me.


Why is it so hard to take criticism? I've known writers who justify EVERYTHING they do and that is wrong. So I'll read this over again and learn from it. Because the wonderful lady who did this for me has an opinion and IT CAN ONLY serve to benefit me by listening to it.

I'll probably become catatonic as more reviews pile in.

3/5 is a awesome start, an honest review. if she gave me 5/5 I would have been worried that she didn't know how to review and had no real criticisms.. or that she was going easy on me. This way I know she didn't hold back so I'm really fucking happy.

this means so much.

Edit: Okay, working on my voice! I'm really glad that I wrote the first volume over a year ago and it is the weakest part of the story! it will only go up from here!

oopsie daisy.

Had to resubmit the book because I forgot to put the illustrations into one zip folder with the rest of the document... so they don't show up...
Re-uploaded those...
Now I've realized I forgot to place the table of Honorifics... shit.... I will have to resend it again so that it can be redone AGAIN :P
Also, I added a second cover slip.

Anyways, I have a couple of reviewers!

Because I love you losers.

Here is some original art of mine! Leo converted one of these to the cover!

On a side note: My parents purchased my Ebook... and they're already making fun of it...oh life.


Time to party!

So yeah. I am ultra excited and didn't sleep at all last night. I may pass out. urgh.
My thoughts shall follow I'm sure. Please support me. I love you. I FREAKEN LOVE YOU if you buy it.
Seriously, I will share my celebratory scotch with you.
Self promoting to finally do.

Saturday, 17 August 2013


So it is finally going up.
I had to resend it because of one spelling error...then I had to resend it because I forgot to list myself as the author...well it'll likely be up in the morning. then I shall link it.
Amazon has exclusive digital copy rights for 90 days, so I will not be putting up samples on here :(
Love you.

Poo brain Pug face.

I've uploaded the file last night, it was in review. it completed a minute ago. They found a single spelling error... well not spelling, I used the wrong word... Fixed it....NOW IT IS IN REVIEW AGAIN :(
I do have all my pages open for the moment it goes through so I can self promote like a mad man!
also, the images aren't showing up... the symbols etc in the preview... I was able to upload them to a kindle myself so I know it is possible... I may have to email them if they don't show up in the final draft.
I mean.
I am okay.
Just need to relax.
A little.
Poo face pug brains! I mean...
err... it is something I call Charlotte to annoy her. She hates pugs and poo brain.
I don't mind pugs. They're kind of cute in their "Can't really breath" sort of way.

Friday, 16 August 2013

So it begins.

Bam, placed on the amazon Kindle store!
Although it is currently in review. It will be 3 dollars american... the lowest I could make it.
I am very nervous, tomorrow morning I will start self promoting. I mean, that is the point of this blog right? well, I'll have to do more than that.
Reddit... Good Reads... etc.
So yes, I am quite excited.
I think it is bed time.
Seriously, I've been waiting for this for years.
I am dying in anticipation, I know there are a lot of people I know who will buy it because they know me. but the moment somebody buys it out of curiosity... I win!
Day off tomorrow... However, The twins birthday is a park... same park as foam wars...hmm.

Also, the Cover.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Okay so Job!

Leo and I are going to finish the cover tomorrow night and I'll be publishing the first part on kindle this weekend. HOLY SHIT.

Scary stuff, I am really nervous, I know I was moving at a break neck speed a month ago, but things really slowed down. That allowed me to get my shit together and it helped... but here we go again, I am ready for this. 500 copies sold, that is all I want, enough to pay one month of rent. I've wanted to do this since I was about 17... although my aspirations over the years have changed... and I've even given up a couple of times... this is happening, this is real and I will accomplish this.

I know I'll never be rich or famous. Too many people dream of being authors for that reason, and that is why they remain merely writers. Cover tomorrow night, final edits with Charlotte this evening. Saturday or late Friday we launch.

Funny, anyways.. my wonderful job. That isn't sarcasm. I really like it. I work in a copy center... the same one I went make Andrew's France cover... in fact one of the girls there recognized me... and my story... she read a bit of it...huh. Except shes cool, her dad reads a lot of the same books I did... she even knew about Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time and such.
She also told me a funny story about how she once read a Harry Potter Fanfic, she rather liked it. It was from Hermoine(sic?) point of view.

Anyways, I'm pretty good at my job, they're really impressed with me. I kind or reminds me of bakery... lots to bake (but paper) and it is quite hectic! Lots of cool stuff, also I can laminate stuff now! ISN'T THAT AWESOME? Several people have come in with art from artist's alley from animethon to have their prints laminated or copied. One nerdy girl and I talked Black Butler... I explained it was Charlotte's interest and we had a nice talk.
Also a very lovely Attack on Titan print, which everyone has been telling me to watch... So now tonight I am going to. Urgh...well... That is pretty much it, I go to work, I run around all day, goes by quickly and go home and do shit.

Anyways, I want to work out before Charlotte gets off work. I think I'll blog in the early mornings now. I get up two hours before my shift so that I can sit and drink my coffee.

Love you all. BUY MY FUCKING BOOK.
I mean... please? PLEASE FUCKING DO IT.

So lappy is dead.

My computer died yesterday! :D
not bad for a five year old toshiba laptop that still runs Vista!
Anyway, for now I will be using my mom's laptop... it is small... also all my files were backed up so I lost nothing don't worry.
However I did recently download some audiobooks and save pictures from manga... for that we'll have the harddrive to remove them.
Shall be fun right?
In much better news, Leo has almost finished the cover for Ardent's Contract!
so we're in business.
I just need to edit the volume a bit more than convert it to kindle... then we're golden.
Sorry that I'm being so brief... I work in less than an hour.
I do like my job. Silly stories to follow.
Thank you all for reading as always <3

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

so busy but!

Urgh I forgot how working eight hours a day makes you busy as hell.
Also, my computer is officially on its last legs... the four to five year old toshiba still on Vista... the power cord isn't staying in the port... I have to jimmy it around in order to get it to charge, and it falls out easily. I may have to use duct tape.
Anyways, my job is pretty fun. Everyone in the store says it is really difficult... I'm finding it pretty okay... also mean customers? MEH! why? because 6 years in retail and former claims adjuster here!
woo woo woo.
Anyways, I will go into more details after work.

Finding time to work out is the hardest part.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Post Con burn and a big surprise!

So first off! A few hours after I got the job. I went to pick up Charlotte from work... AND WE GOT THE TWO BEDROOM SUITE! IT IS FREAKEN PERFECT. SO HAPPY. WE'RE MOVING SEPTEMBER FIRST!
Yesterday was the best day in six months. I can't believe everything is falling together so perfectly.
So woot.

Anyway! today, Charlotte, Josh and I went to Animethon Edmonton! woot woot. With special guest:
TROY MOTHERFUCKING BAKER. One of my favorite voice actors. He has been since I first played Tales of Vesperia. Of course it has been a wonderful year for him... Leading roles in Last of us and Bioshock would do that for you. We got up early to go to his panel... it was packed... mostly by his new video game fans.. and the guy behind us in line liked Troy Baker a little too much... like it was slightly awkward.

Anyway, we got awesome seats as a result... except creepy guy sat right beside me.
Awesome seat eh?

Normally I don't let people in the crowd annoy me. I'm a loud person. At opinion or discussion based panels I am usually quite vocal. BUT, I hate nothing more than when someone takes a Q&A panel for a special guest and tries to make it all about themselves with obnoxious questions or constantly yelling things out trying to get the guest's attention. \

I was sitting beside that guy, and it was embarrassing. He had exaggerated laughter at everything and would CONSTANTLY shout stuff at Troy trying to get his attention. Fuck, when I'm famous and I fill stadiums with my panels I'll be sure to kick people out. (sarcasm)

Anyway, it was a fun experience. Troy poked fun at Bronies... Josh had a question, but due to his failing health I had to help hold his hand up for him. Luckily Troy Baker noticed and Josh asked a wonderful question. The two of us will likely talk about it alot in our let's play for Catherine... or the Last of Us which we'll be doing next week.

I had no questions, so I listened and enjoyed myself...remaining mostly respectful. When someone asked Troy what his favorite line from Final Fantasy 13 was... a game that was released four years ago... poor man looked lost. So I was all: "STEEL GUARD!"  In reference to a video I once saw. He was thankful. Good guy.

I love that. Anyway, it was a fun time. He even sang the Excalibur song! I learned a lot and it was a fun and random time. Someday I hope that people care enough about my work that I can host something similar. Although I doubt it would be as large.
Anyway, be sure to watch Troy's six second video on Vine that he took of the crowd...  you might be able to point me out!

Afterwards, Charlotte and I went to a different hallway to get her food from a vending machine. Troy came out with his handler, we were alone in this hall so I approached him and shook his hand and exchanged small talk. Really cool guy, I acted super duper natural too! I know that people hate nothing more than hero worship... I succeeded. He reached the end of the hall and got jumped by some people wanting autographs.

So yeah, I went to my sister's yesterday for Faith's birthday. Grace and the twins have their birthday next week... yes, all four of my sister's daughters have birthdays in August... She likes New years. Anyway! The twins were scared of me because I cut my hair short. They wouldn't even look at me, they were quite vocal about it.
Going as far to uninvite me to their birthday party next week. That is just heart breaking. Then again they're three... I pointed to Charlotte
"Can she come?"
"Can I come?"
"Can I drive Charlotte to the party?"

By the time I left the twins were nice enough to re invite me. oh children. I'm taking Grace swimming tomorrow, for her birthday. That'll be fun and tiring.

Speaking of which, Also at Animethon, I stood in line alone for two hours to get Troy Baker and Chris Sabat's signature. I had my copy of Tales of Vesperia so Troy could sign that.

Of cousrse, when I met him RANDOMLY, not knowing to expect it. I acted completly natural around him and left a good impression. then BAM. I wait in line for two hours to have him sign something and I am nervous as fuck. WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT? I congratulated him on his success in the last year, told him Tales was when I first noticed him and that Yuri was my favorite role of his to this day. He thanked me, saying it meant a lot and then CALLED ME BY NAME...WHEN DID HE FIND OUT MY NAME... According to Charlotte it was when in the hallway, she called after me...HE REMEMBERED!!!!@$2QTWHETGFQLWHGAHA SQQUEEEEEE SQUEEEE

There I go. This is the exact kind of attitude I hate and now I'm doing it. Fuck.

Anyways, really fucking awesome guy... in all seriousness here. I feel bad for when anyone with moderate fame is at an autograph signing or any kind of Con...because they're tired, and berated by people all day... It just sucks for them overall. I get that. As a result, many famous people you met are kind of assholes.
Troy was the opposite. He was extremely energetic and very personable, I was ultra impressed.

If I ever become famous and you meet me at a signing...and I'm an ass...remember... that isn't because I'm tired or hungry, that is just my personality. Love you.

So the other guy signing stuff was arguably a bigger draw until Troy was in so many high profile video games. Chris R Sabat... Voice actor, in the American Dragon Ball Z dub and Dragon Ball Z Kai.... Vegetta and Piccalo... as well as the guy who voices everyone tough in anime. I didn't realize he was going to be there... So I didn't bring anything of mine for him to sign... Which sucks, because I have a lot of his work just laying around.
I realized this while already in line...luckily I had bought something...
Berserk, the second new film on Bluray.
Not staring Chris Sabat... Staring another dude in a role that SHOULD have gone to Sabat... who sounds very SIMILAR to Sabat... to the point that the other dude voiced Zoro (OR SHOULD I SAY ZOLO) in the Four Kids One Piece dub that everyone hated. Sabat voices Zoro in the Funimation Dub.
Anyways, the role of Guts should have gone to Sabat, but they chose to bring back the same guy who voiced him in the 90's anime... instead of bringing in Sabat... who I've seen a lot of people say should have voiced Guts. Anyway you get the point. So I ask people around me if I should do it as a joke. People thought it was "clever?" in an odd way. Plus Sabat no doubt knew the role.
Of course I was nervous as hell. So I fumbled words and declared that He should be Guts instead or next time. He signed the copy laughing and wrote his response:

 I bet I'm the only person who will ever have a copy of Berserk signed by Sabat.
Go me.

Friday, 9 August 2013

So happy. It is at Staples! also Charlotte and I looked at a basement suite to live in! it was freaken perfect! I totally played it up and we'll get the call early next week if we get the place! to move in September first!!

Okay, so finally a few steps are down. Soon I'll be able to focus on writing again once I get into a set routine! Hopefully I won't go the way of before and let a job distract me from writing...although I doubt this will be as stressful as being a claims adjuster so yeah!

This weekend will be busy! tomorrow is Animethon here in Edmonton...well all weekend is, but we're only going tomorrow... I'll post pictures. Today is Faith, my niece's birthday... so we're going over there at about 6: 30!

Also, I am going to Gm a one shot for my friends. Using this strange system called Anima... I have some ideas, I am excited... also we're going to live stream it.


to celebrate watch the first episode of the Catherine let's play!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

fierce job search!

Charlotte and I found a place to live! a basement suite, excellent location, 2 bedroom, washer, dryer, dishwasher...freaken huge! Best of all, it is affordable... Well that, or the fact that we're living under a single mom and her young kid...NOT ROWDY PEOPLE WOOT. I went and looked at it yesterday and we're dropping off the application today...hopefully we get it, the owner really liked me.

So there... We have some hope, which is always wonderful.

Okay, so now I'm going to be dropping off applications EVERYWHERE. I don't care what shitty job I get at this point... as long as they pay and I can still write. We'll get by, and live quite comfortably.
So I'll be doing lots of that today.
Anyway, yesterday my friends and I continued a tradition! We bought the new Tales game and played it together all the while being snide and quite silly about it... Tales of Xillia, like every other Tales game allows for multiple players... it was a lot of fun.

I got to play some womanizer named Alvin... despite the name he's pretty sexy. According to Josh he's an asshole like me! <3

So a pretty good day yesterday. We have hope again. Plus the cover is coming along, so I'll get to see how the book does online... I am nervous but I have a lot of support so hopefully I can reach my goal of 500 copies sold!

Anyway! lots to do today... I think I'll update again later.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cloud Atlas.

Stayed up late last night watching Cloud Atlas.
I cheated and used Wikipedia to keep up with which actors were who. The film was pretty good, I think I would have to watch it again to really get it. I wanted to watch it after I saw a thread on Reddit about movies that divide people... I can see why people didn't like Cloud Atlas but I liked it.
That being said, I had never heard of this movie called Sunshine with Cillian Murphy about a space adventure... it also divides people. I plan on watching that a bit later. Review to follow?  who the fuck knows.
All I know right now is that I'm dizzy as fuck. I am medicated, this is a symptom of withdrawal... Maybe that is why I am barely blogging right now. urgh.
Took pills, ate food, drinking coffee... we shall see.
Also, I might be taking my mom to see the conjuring today.
We'll see how that goes.

Monday, 5 August 2013

it's a new day!

First off:

Oh wow, hopefully that job interview goes well today...
Anyways, less than a month ago I finished the first Novel of Ardent's Contract. It happened after months of obsessive work... so I kind of needed a break. That was where foam wars fit in perfectly... I had something else to obsess over for a short time... it was a nice break.

Anyway, Foam wars is over. That was excellent. LAVA BEARS RULE. I have a feeling that the next time we do it... it will be escalated... especially since a .50 caliber nerf sniper just came is three feet long.. I'll likely buy one after I have money and they solve the fact that it breaks after twenty minutes of use.

When I say it is .50 cal, I mean it. The darts are three times the size.

Anyways, Leo is almost done the cover. So my focus now will be planning book 2 as well as promoting the actual book. My ambitious goal is to sell 500 copies... should be excellent.

That being said: My main focus is on the part time job. My spare time will just go to planning like crazy... When I plan... it is like craaaazy...cray cray.

Also, I had to cut my hair yesterday. urgh. I seriously hate nothing more than having my hair cut...especially when it is NOT done by Lisa, bless her. However, Lisa is excellent at what she does, as such I need an appointment with when I have a surprise interview, I need to go to the mall for a ten dollar hair cut. Lisa isn't only excellent at what she does, but I also trust is a big deal. Most people underestimate how scary having a hair cut is! I mean, for 10 or more minutes you have to sit while some person has knives to your throat! Don't tell me scissors aren't knives! they're just two knives connected by a pivot... FOR TWICE THE DANGER.

So yeah, I got a peasant haircut. I was having my hair cut really short so it wasn't a big deal.. the last year or so I've been pulling off the cute nerdy look so I feel weird with jock short hair now.

Hello ladies! 
 So yeah, that was totally me... minus the good looks.

Anyway, I got pretty depressed after getting my hair cut... mostly because I had to borrow money from my parents just to have that done...urgh...the last of my wellfare money got stolen by the student loan people! 200 dollars felt like some kind of treasure...bam it was gone. Assholes.

Okay, so get money, give money to Charlotte for her loyal mega milk shirt... make it raaain! Oh and I guess I'll pay for that guy's small chip in his car... I GUESS.

Also! There was a UFC event on Saturday... I didn't get that excited about it because it was a Brazil card.. those usually blow hard. Fuck. Brazilian. Fans.
Also, Korean Zombie lost... the worst part being that they were both severely injured during the fight so neither of them fought to the best of their ability.

Anyway! Time to work out!

Friday, 2 August 2013

An odd sort of day.

Helped Kassandra get her Nerf gun today.
People keep flaking out for Foam Wars...urgh. bad excuses and all. Well worse comes to worse, we'll still have a kick ass picnic, so Charlotte and I are trying to look on the bright side.
Also, friends keep making fun of my foam weapons! I know they look like shit, thanks for the reminder. And they don't urgh. Just because you are willing to put out 70 dollars for a soul less masterpiece of safety foam that was made using a mold doesn't mean shit. I worked hard on my weapon, I work hard on my writing, I work hard on my drawings, I work hard at my job, I don't do anything half ass, if you insult what someone does, you should try and do better... You might be surprised.
Anyway, I'm proud. I always have been a proud person, I don't know why. People have told me I can't take criticism my whole life, expecting me to fucking drop what I do on the spot and change before their eyes like some kind of conformist sheep butterfly monstrosity.
I do learn, I never ignore advice. I also don't make excuses, that would get me nowhere, I learn. That is how I became a better writing... and person?
Most people fail to realize that just because you try to get under someone's skin for their own good, doesn't mean your words are having no effect. Some people are like me... I'm harder on myself than anyone else ever could be... I've had some asshole critics my whole life too.
That being said, I love being underestimated. I've had friends "punish" me by smacking me on the back of the head, or making fun of me in front of others... what do I do? I laugh it off and play along and act subservient. Ironic considering many of these same people say I'm stubborn.
Frick I'm weird, I've had that sort of day... a mixture of frustration. I am a person who is dickish outwardly? Hell, I act angry most of the time. Because I am angry most of the time. After a while you realize the best way to get rid of anger is to funnel it out, a slow but constant pace of irritation.
Many of my friends might tell you I have a temper, slightly explosive. Makes me laugh... They have never seen me angry... in reality I'm the cold type of angry when it actually happens, I've been told it is terrifying.

Probably because my parents are both yellers... I spent a lifetime seeing how inefficient it was. Anyways.

Josh and I started our Catherine Let's play... he's the one playing it... I played that game to death before. I love it, he sucks at it...very amusing. (Sorry Josh, you made fun of my Skyrim skills and I love watching you struggle at Catherine.)

We go to visit Charlotte at work, in the parking lot, car pulls up to me at the exact moment I open my door... bam, I hit his car with my door. I calmly get out of my car, it is an older vehicle, early 2000's... okay perfect I thought... it was in good condition too... I check out the damage, a small chip a centimeter or less deep, no structural damage, a little paint missing. Likely can be achieved with a little paint touch up at worse, hell if it was on my car I would just ignore it... It is on the wheel well and there is nothing wrong with a little damage on an older vehicle that already had no resale value. So I look into the driver's seat, it is an older man.
My months spent as a claims adjuster, I know exactly what the fuck is about to happen.
Guy finally gets out of his car, I'm backing away. He looks at the damage, I ask him if he thinks it is bad... he says "Nothing a 100 dollars couldn't fix." I laugh. "Do you have a hundred dollars?" He asks.
"Not on me."  Or at all actually, I currently have less than $30 dollars to my name.
I walk into the shop to cool my head off, grab a drink. the guy is checking out my car, he writes down my license plate number. I approach him again, he asks if I want to go through Insurance. I fucking almost choke out the words that I don't want to go through them... I'm on really bad terms with the company that insures my Vehicle, they fired me, I haven't paid my month's premium yet. Of course I don't tell him that. All I know is that I don't want this guy kicking up dirt and raising my Insurance rates. I am 23 years old and male. In insurance terms, I'm a money pit, the moment I turn 25 I magically become a "better driver" and my rates plummet.. on top of that, I have NEVER had any car accident or claim... I want to keep it that way.
I know that an adjuster could argue that he drove his vehicle into my parked car... but that would take going through the insurance company, a small battle over what could just be under 100 dollars... better to pay it and move on...besides, I'm no longer an adjuster.
However, the man was civil, said he wanted to keep his car in good condition, I don't mention that with a vehicle made before 2003 that doesn't matter much... he is older... urgh... a younger man, or a older woman is likely not to care about the damage, they are more forgiving. An older man though, this is his vehicle, his pride, I just put a small chip in it and in his mind it is my fault. If there is EVER doubt who is at fault, never admit it to the other person, keep communications to a minimum... that is a pro tip for you.
So I give him my name and number, he'll go get an estimate and give me a call after that... If I approve of the estimate, he'll have the work done and I'll pay him cash (which I'll have to borrow)
Nice guy, he did everything right for himself... He doesn't know my life story and it isn't any of his business... Sometimes it is easier to just ignore pride, heel to it and pay the piper...or fairy man... I prefer the piper, more of a price to pay for a dude who is going to steal all your town's children... well except for Timmy the cripple.
Most people I've told this to said they wouldn't have claimed fault... They weren't claims adjusters.
I have seen good men and women become rapid animals over 30 dollars, it is the nature of man. If I can give this guy a few extra dollars to make his life and mine easier...then so what.  Know when to fight, when to heel and when to walk away.

Another thing, if someone you know is in a car accident which is likely a small claim... DON'T try to brace them for the worst possible scenario. I'm telling myself it'll likely be under 100 dollars, even less if it just requires paint work and no filing.. saying: "Oh it'll more likely be like 400 considering..." IS NOT what you say. it only stresses the person out until that inevitable estimate is done.
Hell, the guy was old, maybe he'll forget about it (not likely at all) Maybe he'll wait to get it done, that time will be about a year, then he won't be able to nail me for it anymore...or was it two years...urgh I'm so forgetful... you get out of a job long enough...this happens.

I walk into a liquor store, about 200 feet away from where Charlotte works...give my application (right after my "accident") to the manager lady. She takes it.
"I have six years experience in retail, I know there is a lot of stuff on there about Insurance, but I assure you I don't want to touch that industry ever again."
We need someone to start right away.
"I'll do it. "
Do you have the license to serve liquor.
"The what?"
Go online and take the test, it'll cost you 30 dollars.
"Oh perfect." 
How much would you expect to make?
"I don't know...eleven (I look at her awkwardly).. ten dollars an hour?" 
Ten dollars an hour. What can you work?
Wouldn't there be days off you would want? like a sport or something?
"I take my fiancee to soccer every Sunday I guess, so Sunday?"
Okay, so you can work every other Sunday then?
Umm, I'll give you a call Monday about starting the job.
You should...cut your hair...

So yeah, I'm cutting my hair off...working what looks to be shitty hours...for barely above minimum wage...

Sometimes you have to heel.

See what I mean by an odd sort of day? I cannot wait to have money again... 80 dollars a shift is still better than what I am making now (nothing)
That being said, my weakness has always been climbing. I am terrified of heights...and despite being in pretty good shape... I have a weird body... I weigh 220 pounds and I'm 5'10... Yet not obese...  it is weird... likely do to the fact that my thighs are 20 inches wide all the way around... baby got back.
So I was thinking of taking up rock climbing... I have always failed at it before and I want to start doing it on a weekly basis. I know I can do it. So I'm going to buy a chin up bar for door frames... something I also have struggled at.
So hopefully it works out. Also, after rock climbing, I want to do archery. That'll be a lot more money though. We'll see, maybe I'll sell a few books.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Last set of weapons!

So last night I finally used the last of the piping and foam! much to silly effects!
Gladius, Beat stick, Rapier, shitstick, drill bit, penis dagger, sawed off shotgun
So yeah! The beatstick was made by Josh, he made two just like it...using foam noodles... the shit stick was just me using he last of the foam and making it as bad as possible... I wrote friendship on it.
The Drill bit one was a bit of an experiment... It was inspired by a type of Rapier that was popular... it would have the end be thin for thrusting, but the base wide for deflecting. I think it looks good despite it looking like a piece of unfuctioning shit.
The gladius turned out amazing. Not as straight as I want but I put it under heavy shit to unbend it. Also, it might look long... but I looked it up... and aparently their blades were around 60 cms minimum. Funny... they always looked way shorter in movies.
That brings me to the penis dagger...well shit. That didn't turn out how I expected... the thing is incredibly practical and well made...hell you can even throw it... dare I compare it to Aragorn's dagger? Anyway, the curve works and the blade is hooked at the end... using actual you can catch a weapon on the end easily.

Damnit penis blade. Then again... it is "believed" that the advent of the sword in almost every single culture around the world has to do with the fact that it resembles our dicks... I agree... if our dicks looked like axes, that shit would have so been in... speaking of which, did you notice the Rapier?
Pink pretty bow. 

Green pretty bow!

So yeah, pink and bright green tape... bows... a cross guard that is pretty and shit... This is a dandy weapon! just like the actual rapiers back in the day! THOSE MEN WOULD WEAR BOWS AND EMBROIDERY ON THEIR CLOTHING!
I actually did this because I know a dude who would try to steal this weapon from me because I made weapons for Logan... however he is extremely homophobic and this will keep him far away from this wonderful weapon I have made.
Although very thin, it is still well cushioned and wouldn't hurt anyone.

So yeah! Those are my weapons! I hope you've enjoyed them! come Monday, I'll have foam wars off of my mind and back to writing mostly! yay!
oh shit, Sawed off shotgun... yeah the thing is ghetto as shit... I sawed off the end to give it more power... and you points!