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Friday, 2 August 2013

An odd sort of day.

Helped Kassandra get her Nerf gun today.
People keep flaking out for Foam Wars...urgh. bad excuses and all. Well worse comes to worse, we'll still have a kick ass picnic, so Charlotte and I are trying to look on the bright side.
Also, friends keep making fun of my foam weapons! I know they look like shit, thanks for the reminder. And they don't urgh. Just because you are willing to put out 70 dollars for a soul less masterpiece of safety foam that was made using a mold doesn't mean shit. I worked hard on my weapon, I work hard on my writing, I work hard on my drawings, I work hard at my job, I don't do anything half ass, if you insult what someone does, you should try and do better... You might be surprised.
Anyway, I'm proud. I always have been a proud person, I don't know why. People have told me I can't take criticism my whole life, expecting me to fucking drop what I do on the spot and change before their eyes like some kind of conformist sheep butterfly monstrosity.
I do learn, I never ignore advice. I also don't make excuses, that would get me nowhere, I learn. That is how I became a better writing... and person?
Most people fail to realize that just because you try to get under someone's skin for their own good, doesn't mean your words are having no effect. Some people are like me... I'm harder on myself than anyone else ever could be... I've had some asshole critics my whole life too.
That being said, I love being underestimated. I've had friends "punish" me by smacking me on the back of the head, or making fun of me in front of others... what do I do? I laugh it off and play along and act subservient. Ironic considering many of these same people say I'm stubborn.
Frick I'm weird, I've had that sort of day... a mixture of frustration. I am a person who is dickish outwardly? Hell, I act angry most of the time. Because I am angry most of the time. After a while you realize the best way to get rid of anger is to funnel it out, a slow but constant pace of irritation.
Many of my friends might tell you I have a temper, slightly explosive. Makes me laugh... They have never seen me angry... in reality I'm the cold type of angry when it actually happens, I've been told it is terrifying.

Probably because my parents are both yellers... I spent a lifetime seeing how inefficient it was. Anyways.

Josh and I started our Catherine Let's play... he's the one playing it... I played that game to death before. I love it, he sucks at it...very amusing. (Sorry Josh, you made fun of my Skyrim skills and I love watching you struggle at Catherine.)

We go to visit Charlotte at work, in the parking lot, car pulls up to me at the exact moment I open my door... bam, I hit his car with my door. I calmly get out of my car, it is an older vehicle, early 2000's... okay perfect I thought... it was in good condition too... I check out the damage, a small chip a centimeter or less deep, no structural damage, a little paint missing. Likely can be achieved with a little paint touch up at worse, hell if it was on my car I would just ignore it... It is on the wheel well and there is nothing wrong with a little damage on an older vehicle that already had no resale value. So I look into the driver's seat, it is an older man.
My months spent as a claims adjuster, I know exactly what the fuck is about to happen.
Guy finally gets out of his car, I'm backing away. He looks at the damage, I ask him if he thinks it is bad... he says "Nothing a 100 dollars couldn't fix." I laugh. "Do you have a hundred dollars?" He asks.
"Not on me."  Or at all actually, I currently have less than $30 dollars to my name.
I walk into the shop to cool my head off, grab a drink. the guy is checking out my car, he writes down my license plate number. I approach him again, he asks if I want to go through Insurance. I fucking almost choke out the words that I don't want to go through them... I'm on really bad terms with the company that insures my Vehicle, they fired me, I haven't paid my month's premium yet. Of course I don't tell him that. All I know is that I don't want this guy kicking up dirt and raising my Insurance rates. I am 23 years old and male. In insurance terms, I'm a money pit, the moment I turn 25 I magically become a "better driver" and my rates plummet.. on top of that, I have NEVER had any car accident or claim... I want to keep it that way.
I know that an adjuster could argue that he drove his vehicle into my parked car... but that would take going through the insurance company, a small battle over what could just be under 100 dollars... better to pay it and move on...besides, I'm no longer an adjuster.
However, the man was civil, said he wanted to keep his car in good condition, I don't mention that with a vehicle made before 2003 that doesn't matter much... he is older... urgh... a younger man, or a older woman is likely not to care about the damage, they are more forgiving. An older man though, this is his vehicle, his pride, I just put a small chip in it and in his mind it is my fault. If there is EVER doubt who is at fault, never admit it to the other person, keep communications to a minimum... that is a pro tip for you.
So I give him my name and number, he'll go get an estimate and give me a call after that... If I approve of the estimate, he'll have the work done and I'll pay him cash (which I'll have to borrow)
Nice guy, he did everything right for himself... He doesn't know my life story and it isn't any of his business... Sometimes it is easier to just ignore pride, heel to it and pay the piper...or fairy man... I prefer the piper, more of a price to pay for a dude who is going to steal all your town's children... well except for Timmy the cripple.
Most people I've told this to said they wouldn't have claimed fault... They weren't claims adjusters.
I have seen good men and women become rapid animals over 30 dollars, it is the nature of man. If I can give this guy a few extra dollars to make his life and mine easier...then so what.  Know when to fight, when to heel and when to walk away.

Another thing, if someone you know is in a car accident which is likely a small claim... DON'T try to brace them for the worst possible scenario. I'm telling myself it'll likely be under 100 dollars, even less if it just requires paint work and no filing.. saying: "Oh it'll more likely be like 400 considering..." IS NOT what you say. it only stresses the person out until that inevitable estimate is done.
Hell, the guy was old, maybe he'll forget about it (not likely at all) Maybe he'll wait to get it done, that time will be about a year, then he won't be able to nail me for it anymore...or was it two years...urgh I'm so forgetful... you get out of a job long enough...this happens.

I walk into a liquor store, about 200 feet away from where Charlotte works...give my application (right after my "accident") to the manager lady. She takes it.
"I have six years experience in retail, I know there is a lot of stuff on there about Insurance, but I assure you I don't want to touch that industry ever again."
We need someone to start right away.
"I'll do it. "
Do you have the license to serve liquor.
"The what?"
Go online and take the test, it'll cost you 30 dollars.
"Oh perfect." 
How much would you expect to make?
"I don't know...eleven (I look at her awkwardly).. ten dollars an hour?" 
Ten dollars an hour. What can you work?
Wouldn't there be days off you would want? like a sport or something?
"I take my fiancee to soccer every Sunday I guess, so Sunday?"
Okay, so you can work every other Sunday then?
Umm, I'll give you a call Monday about starting the job.
You should...cut your hair...

So yeah, I'm cutting my hair off...working what looks to be shitty hours...for barely above minimum wage...

Sometimes you have to heel.

See what I mean by an odd sort of day? I cannot wait to have money again... 80 dollars a shift is still better than what I am making now (nothing)
That being said, my weakness has always been climbing. I am terrified of heights...and despite being in pretty good shape... I have a weird body... I weigh 220 pounds and I'm 5'10... Yet not obese...  it is weird... likely do to the fact that my thighs are 20 inches wide all the way around... baby got back.
So I was thinking of taking up rock climbing... I have always failed at it before and I want to start doing it on a weekly basis. I know I can do it. So I'm going to buy a chin up bar for door frames... something I also have struggled at.
So hopefully it works out. Also, after rock climbing, I want to do archery. That'll be a lot more money though. We'll see, maybe I'll sell a few books.

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