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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Attack on Tin-Tin

I'm only watching one episode of Attack on Titan a day, in the morning. From what I've seen so far, I think this might be the best anime since Madoka... The animation, the story, the pacing is excellent...tense... but this brings me to a sad reality.
We live in the dark age of anime right now.
Yes, we get one gem that comes out in a season, maybe two if we're lucky... for example, things like Durarara, Eden of the East, Madoka, and now Attack on Titan...hell even that swim boy club show.
But for everything good that comes out... there is about fifteen shows that come out that are either based off a visual novel (which can be good mind you, but usually isn't) or Moe bullshit.
Jesu Otaku, Aka Hope Chapman, best anime reviewer alive calls it the "Cute girls doing cute things" genre... as a result, we have been forced to watch bullshit like K-On... shows with minimal conflict and stupid plots.

Hell, I think the whole Moe thing is getting out of hand. yes they're drawn to be cute, who the fuck cares? Since when has that determined if a show should be watched? or god forbid, this IDEAL that the girls in these shows/mangas have to be essentially perfect girls who are virginal and pure and all that bullshit. There was a manga that came out a while ago, when fans found out that the main heroine was NOT a virgin, they started sending the author death threats.
Not even good shows can be spared. Last winter, there was that whole "Moe day" bullshit, the Japanese had a poll to determine the most moe characters... AND MADOKA CHARACTERS DOMINATED. I love that show, and it is just insulting... The show was a deconstruction, the fact that people are trying to turn it into a maiden spank bank is just depressing.
Most of the list was made up of characters like the retarded cast of K-On.

So yeah, we live in a small period of time, that is terrible for the industry. We're not getting quality at the moment.
Anyway, that is your blog for before going to work... I shall do another when I get home.
I really like that my hits have tripled. Thank you.

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