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Monday, 19 August 2013

In the meantime!

While preparing for moving! I will be doing edits, planning and planning a RPG one shot for my friends.
We're using a system called Anima... I'll give details on that later... My players do read this blog.

I'm so anxious with the book release... I did so much broadcasting yesterday that I didn't do much else. I know I should relax but I still need more people to read and review it...god forbid buy the thing.
Some groups on Good reads have been very helpful! and I'm officially considered an author on Goodreads! they converted my account and everything.
But I still don't feel like a real author, despite what people tell me.
We'll have to see won't we?
On the bright side, I'm getting lots of hits... which is really nice. I'm sure once the word is out about how pretty good my book is people will clammer for it :p CLAMMER I SAY!
urgh, so sleepy.
Work was really busy today... the girl who was training me was two hours late, so I had to solo it...
I did pretty well, so I'm told.
I haven't talked about my job much have I?
Well screw that, Raw is on.



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