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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Last of us!

No! I am not name dropping just for the hits... or am I? who knows?
I do.
Well it would be nice at least.
Anyway, Josh and I will be starting our let's play of it tonight... I will be playing.
Hopefully it lives up to the hype.
Just have to get through another day! although I kind of like my job.
One of the managers called me a natural... and mentioned that most new people in copy aren't very good...or at least awkward.
Also, although the customers are supposed to be the most difficult in the store... they're not so bad... well I wasn't a fan of the lady who got mad at me for helping an elderly man before her, in my defense he just wanted to pay for a copy card and had his money out for it already... while her shit took like ten minutes, his took 15 seconds. take four quarters, swipe card, put money in register, give card to him, done.
oh customers. I forgot how fun the service industry was! <3
Anyway! more attack on Titan.

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