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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Last set of weapons!

So last night I finally used the last of the piping and foam! much to silly effects!
Gladius, Beat stick, Rapier, shitstick, drill bit, penis dagger, sawed off shotgun
So yeah! The beatstick was made by Josh, he made two just like it...using foam noodles... the shit stick was just me using he last of the foam and making it as bad as possible... I wrote friendship on it.
The Drill bit one was a bit of an experiment... It was inspired by a type of Rapier that was popular... it would have the end be thin for thrusting, but the base wide for deflecting. I think it looks good despite it looking like a piece of unfuctioning shit.
The gladius turned out amazing. Not as straight as I want but I put it under heavy shit to unbend it. Also, it might look long... but I looked it up... and aparently their blades were around 60 cms minimum. Funny... they always looked way shorter in movies.
That brings me to the penis dagger...well shit. That didn't turn out how I expected... the thing is incredibly practical and well made...hell you can even throw it... dare I compare it to Aragorn's dagger? Anyway, the curve works and the blade is hooked at the end... using actual you can catch a weapon on the end easily.

Damnit penis blade. Then again... it is "believed" that the advent of the sword in almost every single culture around the world has to do with the fact that it resembles our dicks... I agree... if our dicks looked like axes, that shit would have so been in... speaking of which, did you notice the Rapier?
Pink pretty bow. 

Green pretty bow!

So yeah, pink and bright green tape... bows... a cross guard that is pretty and shit... This is a dandy weapon! just like the actual rapiers back in the day! THOSE MEN WOULD WEAR BOWS AND EMBROIDERY ON THEIR CLOTHING!
I actually did this because I know a dude who would try to steal this weapon from me because I made weapons for Logan... however he is extremely homophobic and this will keep him far away from this wonderful weapon I have made.
Although very thin, it is still well cushioned and wouldn't hurt anyone.

So yeah! Those are my weapons! I hope you've enjoyed them! come Monday, I'll have foam wars off of my mind and back to writing mostly! yay!
oh shit, Sawed off shotgun... yeah the thing is ghetto as shit... I sawed off the end to give it more power... and you points!

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