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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Moving next sunday!

not really. I'm pretty chill yo.
hopefully all my friends help us move like good Sheep. I am pretty excited though, nothing makes you love your parents less like living with them... urgh.
So guys! what's up? have you bought my book yet? no? GAHHADHFAH I want to live here!
Amazon won't tell me how many people have bought yet... but soon... SOOON. I am excited though! lots of test readers...who I have to give the book for free.

Anyway! on episode five of attack on Titan...every single...episode has been amazing. I highly recommend it. Ending on a wham moment is the best way to achieve this... and they do it in spades...

Err... Also, Josh and I did a last of us let's play... I was pretty silly. I bet you'll like it long time!

Also! my one shot on Anima is going to be live streamed... should be wicked, I'll be running a dangerous campaign... since my players have a history of believing they're invincible this should be an eye opener.

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