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Monday, 19 August 2013

Okay back to life.

Okay! I am published!
Buuuuut... life goes on! I still have a JOB :D which sounds really awesome to me.
I work 8:30 to 4:30 and then I get to see Andrew for a bit! :D
I also have a lot of work to do, to release the next two volumes of Ardent's Contract... which is about 300,000 words total... I have only released the first 42,000.
Anyway, Emily when she did her edits for me, wrote them out on a printed out REALISTICALLY... I could edit it myself, knowing my mistakes...which are quite commonly made... have Charlotte proof read it...then bam... get it out as fast as possible... because, you know, Emily has a life and University is about to start back up... and she's a bit slow at editing, so I might have to kick it up from this point on.
We'll see!
I hope I don't have to do that, I like listing another person as the editor and I honestly believe I am a shit editor of my own work and in general.

On a happy note, Andrew brought me back a gift from France!
A leather bound notebook, hand made by a middle eastern man at the side of the road...who put lots of love into it... made of leather and parchment.
Fucking love it.
That is all for now!

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