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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Okay, I did the coolest... most uncool thing ever.

So I walk into work yesterday, my trainer walks up to me and we face each other and talk. the whole time there is a fly buzzing around us.
"That fucking fly has been buzzing around me all morning, I can't..."
While looking her in the eye, my hand shoots out and I fucking catch the fly in the palm of my hand. We both stare awkwardly at my hand for a moment before I let go, the fly flies off...alive.
Okay, so this is pretty weird, I have NEVER caught a fly in my life with just my hands...
So she gives me a dirty look.
"Why didn't you kill it?"
"I don't know..." I think I was stunned that I caught the damn thing.
Anyways, a couple more days to the move... after that I'll be distracted less :D

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