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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Okay so Job!

Leo and I are going to finish the cover tomorrow night and I'll be publishing the first part on kindle this weekend. HOLY SHIT.

Scary stuff, I am really nervous, I know I was moving at a break neck speed a month ago, but things really slowed down. That allowed me to get my shit together and it helped... but here we go again, I am ready for this. 500 copies sold, that is all I want, enough to pay one month of rent. I've wanted to do this since I was about 17... although my aspirations over the years have changed... and I've even given up a couple of times... this is happening, this is real and I will accomplish this.

I know I'll never be rich or famous. Too many people dream of being authors for that reason, and that is why they remain merely writers. Cover tomorrow night, final edits with Charlotte this evening. Saturday or late Friday we launch.

Funny, anyways.. my wonderful job. That isn't sarcasm. I really like it. I work in a copy center... the same one I went make Andrew's France cover... in fact one of the girls there recognized me... and my story... she read a bit of it...huh. Except shes cool, her dad reads a lot of the same books I did... she even knew about Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time and such.
She also told me a funny story about how she once read a Harry Potter Fanfic, she rather liked it. It was from Hermoine(sic?) point of view.

Anyways, I'm pretty good at my job, they're really impressed with me. I kind or reminds me of bakery... lots to bake (but paper) and it is quite hectic! Lots of cool stuff, also I can laminate stuff now! ISN'T THAT AWESOME? Several people have come in with art from artist's alley from animethon to have their prints laminated or copied. One nerdy girl and I talked Black Butler... I explained it was Charlotte's interest and we had a nice talk.
Also a very lovely Attack on Titan print, which everyone has been telling me to watch... So now tonight I am going to. Urgh...well... That is pretty much it, I go to work, I run around all day, goes by quickly and go home and do shit.

Anyways, I want to work out before Charlotte gets off work. I think I'll blog in the early mornings now. I get up two hours before my shift so that I can sit and drink my coffee.

Love you all. BUY MY FUCKING BOOK.
I mean... please? PLEASE FUCKING DO IT.

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