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Monday, 26 August 2013


I promised to talk about my job didn't I?
Well I'm enjoying it, although it is pretty stressful... people who want copying done are nuts. I'm in that crowd too! Anyway, having a job is tiring. I forgot how much it sucked not getting to write 12,000 words  a day. Perhaps someday I'll be able to do that full time...seriously I would love that.

To do that, I need to sell books, I am working hard on self promoting. It is hard, but I am doing lots and lots! including giving out copies for reviews and I'm going to be featured on the "struggling writers" newsletter for september! hopefully that boosts sales! Once I get a few reviews up, I'll pay for advertisement on Amazon and Goodreads. should be fantastic.

Either way, I am impatient, I cannot continue editing until I get my main copy of Ardent's Contract on my harddrive... i noticed that the version I had as back up is a little dated... by little, I mean I made some touch ups here and there. But I/m somewhat sure they're important. and I'm paranoid about missing anything.

Anyways, Thank you if you have bought a copy of my ebook, I freaken love you. As much as people said: "HEY I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR YOU, ILL BUY THAT FOR SURE" then I let them know and they keep putting it off... NOT BITTER I SWEAR.

Anyway, I have shit to do! WE MOVE ON SUNDAY WOO WOO WOO.


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