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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Post Con burn and a big surprise!

So first off! A few hours after I got the job. I went to pick up Charlotte from work... AND WE GOT THE TWO BEDROOM SUITE! IT IS FREAKEN PERFECT. SO HAPPY. WE'RE MOVING SEPTEMBER FIRST!
Yesterday was the best day in six months. I can't believe everything is falling together so perfectly.
So woot.

Anyway! today, Charlotte, Josh and I went to Animethon Edmonton! woot woot. With special guest:
TROY MOTHERFUCKING BAKER. One of my favorite voice actors. He has been since I first played Tales of Vesperia. Of course it has been a wonderful year for him... Leading roles in Last of us and Bioshock would do that for you. We got up early to go to his panel... it was packed... mostly by his new video game fans.. and the guy behind us in line liked Troy Baker a little too much... like it was slightly awkward.

Anyway, we got awesome seats as a result... except creepy guy sat right beside me.
Awesome seat eh?

Normally I don't let people in the crowd annoy me. I'm a loud person. At opinion or discussion based panels I am usually quite vocal. BUT, I hate nothing more than when someone takes a Q&A panel for a special guest and tries to make it all about themselves with obnoxious questions or constantly yelling things out trying to get the guest's attention. \

I was sitting beside that guy, and it was embarrassing. He had exaggerated laughter at everything and would CONSTANTLY shout stuff at Troy trying to get his attention. Fuck, when I'm famous and I fill stadiums with my panels I'll be sure to kick people out. (sarcasm)

Anyway, it was a fun experience. Troy poked fun at Bronies... Josh had a question, but due to his failing health I had to help hold his hand up for him. Luckily Troy Baker noticed and Josh asked a wonderful question. The two of us will likely talk about it alot in our let's play for Catherine... or the Last of Us which we'll be doing next week.

I had no questions, so I listened and enjoyed myself...remaining mostly respectful. When someone asked Troy what his favorite line from Final Fantasy 13 was... a game that was released four years ago... poor man looked lost. So I was all: "STEEL GUARD!"  In reference to a video I once saw. He was thankful. Good guy.

I love that. Anyway, it was a fun time. He even sang the Excalibur song! I learned a lot and it was a fun and random time. Someday I hope that people care enough about my work that I can host something similar. Although I doubt it would be as large.
Anyway, be sure to watch Troy's six second video on Vine that he took of the crowd...  you might be able to point me out!

Afterwards, Charlotte and I went to a different hallway to get her food from a vending machine. Troy came out with his handler, we were alone in this hall so I approached him and shook his hand and exchanged small talk. Really cool guy, I acted super duper natural too! I know that people hate nothing more than hero worship... I succeeded. He reached the end of the hall and got jumped by some people wanting autographs.

So yeah, I went to my sister's yesterday for Faith's birthday. Grace and the twins have their birthday next week... yes, all four of my sister's daughters have birthdays in August... She likes New years. Anyway! The twins were scared of me because I cut my hair short. They wouldn't even look at me, they were quite vocal about it.
Going as far to uninvite me to their birthday party next week. That is just heart breaking. Then again they're three... I pointed to Charlotte
"Can she come?"
"Can I come?"
"Can I drive Charlotte to the party?"

By the time I left the twins were nice enough to re invite me. oh children. I'm taking Grace swimming tomorrow, for her birthday. That'll be fun and tiring.

Speaking of which, Also at Animethon, I stood in line alone for two hours to get Troy Baker and Chris Sabat's signature. I had my copy of Tales of Vesperia so Troy could sign that.

Of cousrse, when I met him RANDOMLY, not knowing to expect it. I acted completly natural around him and left a good impression. then BAM. I wait in line for two hours to have him sign something and I am nervous as fuck. WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT? I congratulated him on his success in the last year, told him Tales was when I first noticed him and that Yuri was my favorite role of his to this day. He thanked me, saying it meant a lot and then CALLED ME BY NAME...WHEN DID HE FIND OUT MY NAME... According to Charlotte it was when in the hallway, she called after me...HE REMEMBERED!!!!@$2QTWHETGFQLWHGAHA SQQUEEEEEE SQUEEEE

There I go. This is the exact kind of attitude I hate and now I'm doing it. Fuck.

Anyways, really fucking awesome guy... in all seriousness here. I feel bad for when anyone with moderate fame is at an autograph signing or any kind of Con...because they're tired, and berated by people all day... It just sucks for them overall. I get that. As a result, many famous people you met are kind of assholes.
Troy was the opposite. He was extremely energetic and very personable, I was ultra impressed.

If I ever become famous and you meet me at a signing...and I'm an ass...remember... that isn't because I'm tired or hungry, that is just my personality. Love you.

So the other guy signing stuff was arguably a bigger draw until Troy was in so many high profile video games. Chris R Sabat... Voice actor, in the American Dragon Ball Z dub and Dragon Ball Z Kai.... Vegetta and Piccalo... as well as the guy who voices everyone tough in anime. I didn't realize he was going to be there... So I didn't bring anything of mine for him to sign... Which sucks, because I have a lot of his work just laying around.
I realized this while already in line...luckily I had bought something...
Berserk, the second new film on Bluray.
Not staring Chris Sabat... Staring another dude in a role that SHOULD have gone to Sabat... who sounds very SIMILAR to Sabat... to the point that the other dude voiced Zoro (OR SHOULD I SAY ZOLO) in the Four Kids One Piece dub that everyone hated. Sabat voices Zoro in the Funimation Dub.
Anyways, the role of Guts should have gone to Sabat, but they chose to bring back the same guy who voiced him in the 90's anime... instead of bringing in Sabat... who I've seen a lot of people say should have voiced Guts. Anyway you get the point. So I ask people around me if I should do it as a joke. People thought it was "clever?" in an odd way. Plus Sabat no doubt knew the role.
Of course I was nervous as hell. So I fumbled words and declared that He should be Guts instead or next time. He signed the copy laughing and wrote his response:

 I bet I'm the only person who will ever have a copy of Berserk signed by Sabat.
Go me.

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