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Thursday, 15 August 2013

So lappy is dead.

My computer died yesterday! :D
not bad for a five year old toshiba laptop that still runs Vista!
Anyway, for now I will be using my mom's laptop... it is small... also all my files were backed up so I lost nothing don't worry.
However I did recently download some audiobooks and save pictures from manga... for that we'll have the harddrive to remove them.
Shall be fun right?
In much better news, Leo has almost finished the cover for Ardent's Contract!
so we're in business.
I just need to edit the volume a bit more than convert it to kindle... then we're golden.
Sorry that I'm being so brief... I work in less than an hour.
I do like my job. Silly stories to follow.
Thank you all for reading as always <3

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