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Friday, 30 August 2013

So a strange thing happened.

First off, yesterday was very stressful at work.
I admit I was a bit of a grump at first. But I did help lots of people. One of these ladies came in and had some printing done, I was a little dumb with tiredness so it took me a moment to process her order. I felt a little rude and stuff. But we started talking, and her printing was for a book reading that day.
"I write fantasy." She said.
"Funny, I do too." I responded. Somehow I fit into the conversation that I wrote a 300,000 word novel while depressed and unemployed. She responded by telling me that she had been writing her whole life, while working as well, in the morning, and in the evening. When you love writing, you find a way. And that she couldn't have gotten where she was on her own.
So I asked about her book, it was a Anthology of four novellas written by her and three other authors... loosely connected. She invited me to the book reading, it was at seven... in down town Edmonton. Far away. I'm off at 6 :30, but I tell her I'll be there.
Her name was Billie, when I mentioned that I had published on kindle she seemed sympathetic, explained that it is a very tough market for fantasy authors.
So I get off work at 6:30, rush home, get dressed, drive to downtown edmonton. 35 minute drive. I make it there at 7:10, struggle to find parking and bam, I'm in. It was at Audrey's, the only independent book store in Edmonton.
So I listen to Billie and two of the other authors (the fourth lived in Ontario) read from the novella while using bingo cards, which I printed off for her earlier that day, as a game.
Afterwards, she comes up to me, asks me to come see her before I leave.
I buy a copy of her book. Go see her, she signs it, and tells me to add her on Facebook. She introduces me to the other authors, and speaks very highly of me, she had mentioned me to them earlier. "Jordan from Staples".. stressful much right? I told her i would add her on Facebook, and she told me that she would "Introduce me to people" to help me with my writing.
At this point, I'm close to tearing up. like Jesus Christ man. holy shit.
"Authors help each other, I remember when I was your age."
Thank you so much, like seriously, I will show that I'm not some crazy.

So yeah, went to Andrew's Metal band concert right after, on the other side of Edmonton, got there in time... pulled him outside, told him what happened. we jumped up and down, celebrating.

So here I am, at another crossroads, will this turn out to be the path of my dreams? my god, I hope so. Like seriously, I have fought for this, and I am so excited.
What if I hadn't worked at Staples. what if Billie hadn't come in to get her printing done, what if one of the other three employees helped her.

Seriously. Wow.

Let's not think about what ifs.

Anyways, toodles.

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