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Thursday, 26 September 2013

So all good things come to an end.

So one of my favorite ongoing mangas ended abruptly... I KNOW WHAT A TRAGEDY? I bet you read that title and were all: WUUUUUUT IS GOIIIING ON HERE?
Oh well.
It was called Renai Shimasen ka? Which roughly translates to "Shall we Love?" So yeah, it doesn't translate at all. I've brought it up here on numerous occasions because of how the author drew the female lead... not stick holy shit it makes a huge difference. Anyway. I'll probably talk about my feelings on that manga when they finally get the damn thing translated, the last chapter that is. 
I look forward to see what else the author does, he had a great career ahead of him if he keeps doing what he's doing. Big piece of advice is to stay away from Lesbian arcs. Because nothing ercks me more than forced lesbian imagery art. 
I have nothing wrong with Lesbians or girl love. One of my best friend is a lesbian and in a relationship with a lady. What I don't like is the sexism I  constantly see in everything where because it's designed for a male demographic they try to force a "gurrrl on guuurl action" bullshit. usually in the form of one girl is a lesbian the other is straight but HEY that is how real homosexuals work isn't it? 
"You're not in girls?"
"Oh well, you'll come around if I fucking persist right?"
It really bothers me, because you see stories like that not only in manga but in EVERYTHING. People seem to assume that gay people want to hit on everything, especially straight people, which is what always leads to homophobia in the first place. OMG I'M A STRAIGHT MALE, THAT GAY GUY OBVIOUSLY WANTS ME BECAUSE HE LIKES GUYS. 
Just my opinion is all. I also don't like the fact that if you have one character who is implied to be gay or have feelings for someone of the same gender...or HELL, maybe not even that, you just have two female characters who are good friends and usually together...People will assume they're lesbians. 
I'm looking at you Attack on Titan fans. It's arguable at best (from what I've seen so far mind you, I've been told there are other signs later on) that Ymir is a lesbian... but I don't think Krista is. 
Anyway, that is just a pet peeve. 
Happy talk. I'm watching the wire. it's fantastic. more on that later. 
Need to release a post on World war z and how it is the blandest movie I think I have ever seen. also how stupid the zombies were... Note: I think Max Brookes is AN IDIOT. for selling the rights to his book without having half the mind to try to give himself creative control... then he runs around bitching about how they just stole the name of his book for the shitty movie. 
Suzane Collins and Orson Scott. Card wouldn't sell the rights to their book UNTIL they were given creative control. Card withheld for twenty years, Collins got to be a writer for the film... THERE IS NO EXCUSE. when the studio produce shows up, offers you two million dollars as a lump sum for the rights to your intellectual property...Don't go wide eyed and say:
"omg you want to PAY me? to make my book a movie... OF COURSE I'LL ACCEPT."
Sorry, another thing that irks me. Don't pull a Chris Paloni... that is: 
-Don't sell the rights to your book as soon as it's published. 
-Ask who they're going to get to write or direct it. if it is a man who has no directing experience, that is a bad sign. 

That last point is the most important part, Paloni is a classic idiot. I laughed when I saw his recommendation on the back of the latest Sanderson book (WHICH I PICKED UP YESTERDAY SO EXCITED TO READ IT) Seriously, his words should have no gravity. 
And they're exceptionally out of place above a quote by Rothfuss, a man who could write circles around Paloni... urgh. 

Anyways, Second chapter is going up tonight. 
at noon on my break I'll hopefully write about the first chapter. 

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