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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

So life and job!

I am really enjoying my job thus far.
Seriously, it is beating soul less insurance handily now. People really like me, and by that, I mean customers... well most of the time at least. It's not like before where I was getting death threats from Insured because they hated the shit out of me.
Plus I'm good at what I'm doing and they really appreciate it.
So much in fact, they might send me to Toronto for a conference in November.
So I hope people enjoyed the first chapter as much as the prologue, I haven't decided if I'll post more.

On an unrelated note: I'm reading Rendezvous with Rama. and before that I had just read Ender's game... both part of that huge list of books I had to read from before... hmm Ender's game itself might make a good post, and I said I would talk about my main character in a post... okay.

oh, Rama is fricken amazing, like seriously. It's fascinating. check it out.

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