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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Thoughts and such on the prologue.

Okay, so if you read my prologue... Thank you <3

So I'm going to talk about my thought process when writing it.
Okay, So I came up with a solid idea for the story about five months ago while trying to think of stuff I could write after Ardent's Contract. In the same day I came up with another stand alone project that I will do someday as well. A fantasy setting that is more roman or classical era style.
Anyway, The first initially idea for Hybrid came about a year and a half ago, when I was talking with my friend and was all like: "OMG WUT IF WE DID REVERSAL WHRE ROBOTS MADE PEOPLE INSTUD?" and I left the idea dormant for a long time.
And yes, they were fighting robots. Do the characters in the story know they're robots? Nope. They have no concept of what a robot is, they just assume they're a different kind of living creature that has metal skin.

Okay, so if you haven't figured it out, a huge breakthrough for writing this book came with watching Attack on Titan. Originally, I was going to have it so that ONLY the robots could grind. and even then I wasn't going to play it up as much. After watching the show, I got to thinking... if you're going to have an element that is THAT COOL, why not use it? especially since humans would find a way to adapt... plus killing machines would be difficult. IT also led to my other realization...
Humans needed a legit way of killing the machines. Before it was just going to know, hammers. bash them, hopefully knock something loose. I quickly realized that wouldn't do, so why not try to blow them up using something explosive? I didn't want to have gunpowder exist, so I was stuck with either using Alcohol or gasoline. I went with gas because it would be more effective because the fumes would be the explosive part, leading to it having a much more...effective yield.
That, and it is more reasonable to assume that the humans would be able to dig or mine for fossil fuels rather then make their own liquor. That being said, the gas they use on the machines isn't refined at all. It is crude oil, the shit you get out of the ground in its most base form. Yay humanity.

That brings me to another excellent point... I can't science very well. That is why I have Charlotte! She is in her final year of genetics, she can science quite well... except physics. ANYWAY. I usually run everything past her and we come up with a theory that at least has some GROUNDING. not necessarily realistic, but something that is conceivable.

That is especially important in the next several chapters because I begin talking about how the machines use magnets to power EVERYTHING. that mineral they force humans to mine, is a magnetic rock that produces its own field. it can be refined and controlled.
They achieve this through turbine technology, you know power dams? they use turbines with a magnet to produce a current... the water turns the turbines... for the machines, they use steam power to get the turbines going if they need to.

Err... how the boots work. It will be explained in the book eventually. actually quite quickly in fact... ANYWAY. the belt is just as important as the metal boots. which are made using the magnetic rock.
Essentially, The rock's magnetic field can be amplified using an electric current. You can also change the polarity, hence why the boots can be used to push off a rail or to attract themselves to a rail.
The belt itself does have a small turbine that is constantly turning (if it is working correctly) and it produces a small amount of electricity to power the boots.
Normally, the field the boots produce is weak, so know....people don't stick to shit.

What else can I talk about?  OH.
The main character is not Mira. Although she is is super duper important. The main character is actually a Dungeons and Dragons character I played a while ago....


bahaha, suckers.

Anyways, if you have any questions or commetns... I don't think my blog lets people comment and I have no way to change it. So please Email me at
If you want, you can tell me I suck shit. but please at least include a few reasons why so I can improve a little.
Thank you.

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