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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Not yet dead.

Okay so I've been a bad blogger.
I've been pretty busy with being lazy lately.
By that, I mean either writing or working or laying around being sick in a state to do nothing.
Urgh, What has happened? well I'm reading Sanderson's newest book, Steelheart... I am past the point in Attack on Titan where the anime ends and the manga gets REALLY addictive... I am watching bar rescue on netflix... oh and Hybrid is about 48 000 words long meow. and that is with a really bad week of not being able to write much because of being sick.
Anyway, today will be different.
I will sit here and write...and write...and write for about five hours till Charlotte is off work...then we will go to Thanksgiving meal with her brother... oh yes, for those NON Canadians... this weekend is true thanksgiving.

Err... I am really anxious to get writing but I feel I must add more... how bout the fact that Charlotte and I are watching United States of Tara... which I really enjoyed initially... however the writing seems to get WORSE with each season... Which shouldn't surprise me, It is written by Diablo Cody, easily the most overrated of Hollywood writers... like seriously. I'm not fucking with you, I hate her guts.
Mostly because she writes pretentious bullshit that she thinks is feminist but instead pushes the movement back a few decades. She is the worst kind of feminist, she is not subtle, she is not clever, she is a disease in the form of a person holding an HB pencil and writing whatever shit comes to her mind. However, unlike someone like an angst ridden twelve year old boy who has just discovered the feminist article on Wikipedia, she actually gets paid for the excrement she pushes out of her pencil.
Anyway! What I was getting at is Tara had a lot of potential, a great (abeit overdone concept) that she has somehow managed to run into the ground. It's like she realized that the heart of her show, what made it great was the connection between the family so SHE HAD TO DESTROY IT.
She introduces a Male character who is handsome, successful and really nice and I was shocked. Most writers would be trying to make this alternate love interest an ASSHOLE so that the proper love interest (ugly short guy Neal) would look like a superstar in comparison. Because, hey we love an underdog and the underdog must ALWAYS win to the point where it is so overdone. God forbid if an alternate love interest has anything going for him and isn't a total loser we have to depict him as a douche and watch him fail.
So yeah, I was shocked she was going this route, even after the sister character drags this nice guy through ABSOLUTE SHIT... and depicts the underdog as a huge uncaring asshole... he still stuck with her....


It is so jarring how characters are handled in Tara... The characters are such huge assholes. Everyone refuses to accept responsibility for their actions and they randomly make 180 personality changes.
So yeah, the show starts going to shit... we'll see how it ends, we just started the third and final season.
Anyway, I hate Diablo Cody... She can't write, but she can overwrite very well...
Yes, I hated Juno. It is a terrible mess of a film.
Jenifer's Body... Everyone hated that movie.
Young Adult, I have not seen, but I've heard good things. I pass judgement.
Evil Dead, the remake. I fucking hated this movie, it deserves it's own post.
Her directorial debut is coming out soon, Paradise. Can't wait to destroy it.

Oh, under personal life in her wikipedia page it says this:
"Cody is a feminist.[28][29]"

Like it is self explanatory. Bullshit. 

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