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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Shameful plugging.

This is Janel, she is smart and witty.
She is my good friend who is also an inspiring writer. Seriously she's hilarious.
Please read her stuff.

Anyway, Charlotte and I will be watching the conjuring and i will not be sleeping tonight. Mostly because I slept seven hours during the day in an attempt to get over my sickness... I also got no writing done... urgh, I sometimes miss my time of unemployment when I could pound out 12000 words a day.
Now I end up working thirteen hour days when my coworkers call in sick.
Oh well, money is nice and I want to keep this lovely house we have.
Err... Also at work we got a new wide format colour printer... So I printed out a shirtless picture of Ryan Gosling to have on the wall of our copy centre... by wall I mean inside the door of a cabinet. I did this to show my younger coworkers how to use the machine... They are happy and moral is up.
I also wanted to show one of the female managers who often hops over to help, she's more into George Cloony so I printed out a classy black and white photo of him.
Oh and that manga I was reading a few weeks ago with the brother and the sister... they kissed... URGH FULL REVIEW TO FOLLOW.

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