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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Still got it!

Sorry boys and girls! I have been distracted lately.
By that I mean I closed the tab on blogger. Never doing that again.
Also, I've been writing an insane amount. Hybrid is now over 40 000 words. part 1 is finished. sadly enough it is longer than I had expected with less content. Oh well, it's better this way don't worry folks.
The sad thing is though, my dream of completing a manuscript that is around 100 000 words seems to be going up in smoke... I don't know if I can do it. I writing...lots. also details it seems too.
That is quite okay, so what has happened... well Attack on Titan finished, very sad. now I am reading the manga, where the art is very sketchy. I don't mean bad, I mean it looks like he drew it really fast. like it was sketched. Also, the first colour pages of the giant Titan are laughable.. he looks like he's made of liqorish.

Okay, so I'm just editing right meow, I may post more of the story! I really hope so.
Will blog later.
This tab stays open.

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